Tronian Tautron

Key Features:

  • 380mAh battery
  • Fits all oil cartridges up to 10.5mm
  • Draw activated
  • 510 threaded compatibility
  • Works with 0.5mL and 1mL cartridges
  • Magnetic connection

USD $42.99 

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Tronian
Warranty Period: 1 Year
Vaporizing Material: Oil
Heating System: Cartridge
Heat Up Time: Instant
Bowl Size: N/A
Bowl Material: N/A
Battery Life/Size: 380mAh
Temperature Range: 4.2V
Smartphone Compatibility: N/A
Dimension (HxDxW): (2.5 X 0.5 X 1) in - (6.35 X 1.27 x 2.54) cm
Weight: 70g

Tautron Vape Pen

The Tautron by Tronian is a fun new 510 Vape Battery that is both powerful and petite. Inexpensive, effective, and simple to use, it’s a perfect first foray into the thread battery world and ideal for use with a wide array of oil cartridges. 

With draw activation, it couldn’t be easier to use, and you can forget about cleaning entirely with this bit of vape. Calibrated to be used with any oil viscosity, you’ll be smooth sailing as soon as you slide in a fresh cartridge.

Draw Activated 510 Battery 

How easy is pie anyways? Regardless, the Tautron is super simple to use, and after you insert a cartridge, all you need to do is inhale and enjoy. No buttons, no fuss, and no struggling to coach your friends on how to hit it. About as simple as can be, it’s a perfect oil vaporizer for first-timers.

As with basically every oil vaporizer out there, cleaning is a thing of the past, and you’ll never have to worry about any grime, resin, or other build-up. The cut-out on the side allows you to monitor precisely how much oil is left in your cartridge without even having to pull it out.

Why should you buy a 510 Thread Oil Vape Battery?

Tiny as a container of Tic Tacs, the Tautron is a remarkably small and effective way to get lifted. Place it in practically any pocket, the Tautron will go anywhere you can and take up minimal space. We’re pretty confident you might lose it a couple of times, only to realize it’s in your pocket the whole time. The future is here, indeed.

No worrying about dropping your vape and disaster striking as soon as it hits the floor, your cartridge is comfortably hidden inside the aluminum shell, protecting it from dings, falls, and otherworldly nasty debris that might spell disaster for your freshly bought cartridge of resin.

How the Tronian Tautron Works

A sleek and smooth black aluminum body feels nice in the hands and doesn’t feel cheap. Carefully thought out and including everything you’ll need to get going, the Tautron is about all you’ll need.

Automatic calibration senses the cartridge you slip in and adjusts the resistance accordingly. Never worry about scorched oil or compatibility issues again, the Tronian team did a great job of ensuring you get the best experience possible.

The 380mAh battery is more than enough for a full day of vaping and charges back to full in less than 30 minutes with the included MicroUSB cable! Bring a power bank along and you’ll have essentially endless hits. 

Compatible with almost any 510-threaded cartridge up to 10.5mm in diameter, you’ll likely not have to worry about any fitment issues.

Tronian Tautron Accessories

Drop us a message over on our live chat site feature, and we will be sure to answer any questions you may have about the Tautron. 

Feedback from an Expert

With a powerful 4.2V power supply to the oil, it will be sure to devour all kinds of oil, viscous or thin! As the great Caitlyn Jenner would say, ‘Buckle up Buckaroo!’

Tronian Tautron Review

What's in the box

  • Tronian Tautron (Cartridge not included)
  • 0.5mL magnetic adapter
  • 1mL magnetic adapter
  • MicroUSB charging cable
  • Quick start guide

Customer Reviews

Tronian Tautron
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  1. Avatar for Anonymous


    The Tronian Tautron is an excellent oil cartridge vaporizer with a 510 thread battery fits all oil cartridges up to 1.5 mm.

  2. Avatar for Rodrigo Rodriguez

    Rodrigo Rodriguez

    Not that good

  3. Avatar for Scott B.

    Scott B.

  4. Avatar for Ken R.

    Ken R.

    Work good so far.

  5. Avatar for Anonymous


    Super easy to use, perfect discreet size. It’s got just enough heft/weight to feel substantial in my hand, yet still light and super portable. Great design – the gentle curve running up the body is a natural place for my thumb as I use it. Been using it almost 2 weeks now on the same initial charge. Overall a great little vape!

  6. Avatar for william tsevas

    william tsevas

    Way better than the pens!!!!

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Product Q&A

Can this be shipped to the US yet ?

Not yet unfortunately

cheryl peck
Is the cost of shipping at the checkout page listed in Canadian dollars like the Tautron, or in USD?

Everything is listed in CAD!

Don Hoey
Interested in the Tronian Tautron vape however I am not interested in nicotine, rather I am a cigar smoker perhaps you have a cigar flavoured oil? Something without nicotine would be preferable. Please advise

The Tautron (fitted with a tronpod) can take any cannabis concentrate you desire! In terms of flavor, that will be based on the strain predominately.

Is shipping included In the price to NJ for the Tronian Tautron?

Shipping is extra unless you are ordering over $90!

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