Puffco Peak Vaporizer Review

Puffco Peak Portable Concentrate Rig Review

The PuffCo Peak has become a staple in the portable wax and oil rig category since its release in January 2018. It doesn’t require any nails or blowtorches, both of which can be dangerous and inconvenient. Puffco has called the Peak the first-ever “smart rig” to hit the vaporizer market, and in this review, we’ll be going over that claim in terms of vapor and build quality, ease of use, portability, battery life, and more.

PuffCo Peak Overview

In short, the PuffCo Peak is a tiny wax rig that most users will get a lot of vapor from. It has a lovely design and feels very good to use. With a removable ceramic bucket for your concentrate cannabis that you can preload, it is much less intimidating than a traditional wax nail to use. With a carb cap and four pre-set temperatures, even beginners will feel right at home figuring their sessions out, and since the heat is from the bottom of the device, you won’t have to worry about burning yourself at all.

PuffCo Peak Key Features

  • Great Build and Vapor Quality
  • Session Mode Perfect for Sharing with Friends
  • Removable Bowl
  • No Need for a Torch
  • Long Battery Life
  • Smart Settings
  • Haptic Feedback

How to Use Puffco Peak?

Once you fill the bubbler with enough water to cover the airholes, reattach it and load your selected concentrate product onto the atomizer bucket with the included loading tool. Although you can choose to pre-heat and then load the chamber, pre-loading the chamber will be easier for beginners. After placing the carb cap back on, you will be ready to turn the device on! Hold the power button down for three seconds. You can then cycle through the pre-set temperatures by pressing this button once. Pressing the power button twice will lock in the temperature and begin the heating process. Once the Peak vibrates and the lights flash three times after around 20 seconds, it will be ready for a hit. Beginners will want to start on pre-set one or two to make sure Once you are done with your session, make sure you press and hold the power button for three seconds as there isn’t an auto-shutoff feature.

Using the Puffco Peak can be done by either treating the device like you would with regular dab rigs and putting your material on the atomizer once it gets hot enough, or you can pre-pack it and hit it that way. We recommend that you take your hits slowly with the Peak, as this way, it will ensure the best quality vaporizing experience. Also, don’t fill the Peak with too much water, a little goes a long way, and you’ll get some excellent filtration. The fact that the Peak product doesn’t require any torches or nails makes it really great for sharing at parties since you won’t have to worry about a nail or external heat sources like a torch. Using it with only one hand is easy because there’s only one button to push once you’ve preloaded it.

Puffco Peak Vapor Quality

Temperature Settings

There are four preset temperatures on the Puffco Peak product – 232, 260, 289, and 316 degrees Celsius (Blue is 450F, green is 500F, red is 550F, and white is 600). While we would have liked to see more temperature flexibility with such an expensive unit, it does make up for it a bit by adding smart technology that will automatically adjust heat times when the device senses that your bowl is hot. If you’re at a party or looking to dab socially, switching on session mode is perfect for those scenarios. We have found that the two middle settings deliver the best smoothness, but there is minimal harshness even if you crank the Peak up to the highest temp. The intelligent temperature calibration feature of the Puffco Peak truly makes the device unique and sets it apart from other units like it, such as the Focus Carta V2.

Puffco Peak Temp. Settings

Puffco Peak Atomizer Heating

The Puffco Peak bowl is made from ceramic that is of high quality. It takes a bit longer to heat up than other units, but 20 seconds isn’t that much to complain about. Unlike some older dab rigs where you might run the risk of burning yourself, the bowl is placed in a perfect position to avoid this and ensure high-quality dabs throughout your session. The chamber is a nice size, and even the most serious dab enthusiasts don’t seem to have any issues getting long, satisfying sessions out of the Peak.

Puffco Peak Heating System

Puffco Peak Vapor Quality

While we did expect such a pricey device to have precision temperature controls, the four heat settings deliver exceptional vapor quality and smoothness on all four temperatures. If you like big, thick clouds, the highest temperature will no doubt provide that, but you’ll sacrifice a bit of the taste, and it can get a bit harsh on your throat. The lower temperatures give some of the best tasting and most enjoyable vapor rips we’ve ever seen from a dab rig. The terpene profiles really shine through with whatever strain of wax you’re dabbing. 

Puffco Peak Battery Life

Included with the Puffco Peak is a supercharger, which charges up the device in a fast 2 hours. A fully charged battery will last you about 4-6 total sessions, or around 30 dabs per charge. That is a solid battery life and fast charge-up time that we were pretty impressed with. However, there is no pass-through charging, so you be able to dab while it is charging. As well as this, the battery isn’t changeable, so after a few years, you will notice a decline in battery life. As there is no pass-through charging, wax veterans or heavy users may want to keep this in mind.

Puffco Peak Battery

Puffco Peak Review: Aesthetics and Manufacturing Quality

The look and build quality of the Puffco Peak are both excellent. The Peak boasts hand-blown glass, which not only provides fantastic flavor and smoothness but looks slick as well. The glass part of the Peak kind of looks like the peak of a mountain, which we thought was pretty cool. The Puffco Peak’s base is made out of silicone, and it is very durable. Even though glass parts are more likely to break and are more fragile, the Peak’s borosilicate glass is resistant to heat and doesn’t crack easily.

Puffco Peak Mfg. Quality

Review of Puffco Peak Portability and Discreetness

At 3 inches wide and 7 inches tall, the Puffco Peak is still somewhat portable. The carrying case will help you when travelling with a bag, but overall, it is best for at-home use. You won’t be fitting it into your pocket, and if this is a problem for you, the Puffco Plus may be a better solution for you. If you’re more interested in an on-the-go wax pen, then the Utillian 5 will be the right purchase.

Puffco Peak Portability

Puffco Peak Accessories

In addition to the Puffco Peak unit itself, you get a nice carrying case, a carb cap, an atomizer cover made from silicone, an extra ceramic bowl, cleaning swabs, a tool for dabbing, and a USB charging cable. The unit saves trees by making the instructional manual available online. 

How to clean Puffco Peak?

When it comes to Puffco Peak cleaning, it is pretty simple because all you need to focus on maintaining is the glass piece and the ceramic bowl. Just take some alcohol-dipped cotton tips to the bowl and do the same to the glass parts that could see some buildup and bacteria. No one likes a dirty rig, and with our handy vaporizer cleaning sticks from Tools420, you’ll never have to worry about that again! 

For a deep clean, take the glass and carb cap off to soak in isopropyl alcohol. Under the bucket, you can use some Q-Tips to get any residue buildup. After a 30-minute soak, a scrub-down of the bucket and a hot water rinse will get most of the resin off. Wait until everything is dry before reassembling.

Puffco Peak Battery Life

Is the Puffco Peak worth it?

The Puffco Peak only has one bowl made from ceramic, but we would like to have seen more options there for different bowls given the cost of the device. There are also only four pre-set temperatures, and while the smart dab technology makes up for that quite a bit, we would have liked seeing some precision controls for a rig with such a steep price tag. We were a bit surprised to see that the Peak doesn’t have an auto shut off feature, which is something that does come with its competitor, the Focus Carta V2. The closest device to the Peak currently is the Focus Carta V2, which will give you more choices for bowls, a faster heat-up time, the ability to vape dry herbs, and a lower price. The Dr. Dabber Switch also has some qualities that outshine the Peak. Overall, there are better choices for portability and ease of use.

What do you think about our Puffco Peak review? Do you own a Peak 420 device? Are we on point with our assessment of the Peak? Let us know in the comments if you own a Peak 420 or any other Puffco Products and if you like them.

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PuffCo Peak Review
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PuffCo Peak Review
The Puffco Peak only has one bowl made from ceramic, which is solid part, but we would like to see more options there for different bowls.
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  1. Avatar for Nate Elznic Nate Elznic says:

    Here’s the deal, I own this and it has been one hell of a puffco Christmas! I have saved over $450 in one month and now get the luxury of smoking live resin because I don’t use as much weed and I get a phenomenal taste better than anything and inequality of any rig that’s out there! And that’s. I’ve tried them all so from a weeds connoisseur’s point of view this thing is amazing The problem is you don’t know how to use it if you realized it has this cool setting with the thermometer that adds 10° every time you hit it you can go into the temperature settings and adjust how long it goes and what temperature you wanted at and you can change the color of it as well! Which I have done all for me and my wife on our personal setting that goes for 2 minutes straight! This thing is amazing and deserves a second look and you should spend some time with it and become a connoisseur of marijuana and enjoy the great turpins that are out there in different weed strands! Oh did I forget to mention it gets me higher than AF! I can keep smoking the same strain over and over and get blitz created by it! I just encourage you to go back and look at this thing again I couldn’t be happy enough with how much I’ve saved and weed and how great it tastes and if you have a little bit of common sense and tech savvy with your cell phone which I don’t have much because I’m a contractor and I use nails and nail guns and wood for a living but this thing is the best that’s on the market! There we go

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