Puffco Peak VS Focus V Carta Vaporizer Comparison Review

The Puffco Peak and the Focus V Carta V2 are two popular electric dab rigs that are relatively recent releases. Because these portable dab rigs are similar, they are often compared to each other. We have been getting questions about which of these two is the best dab rig, so we produced this handy comparison guide for quick answers on how they work, temperature flexibility, vapor quality, battery life, cleaning, and so on. Both of these dab rigs are cool vapes for sure, and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. If you want more in-depth coverage one either of these two high-quality electronic dab rigs, be sure to check out our individual product reviews on them. 

Puffco Peak VS Focus V Carta Ease of Use

While these portable dab rigs aren’t all that difficult to use, newbies will probably want to look elsewhere to get their feet wet when it comes to vaping weed, most likely a simpler, more portable dry herb vaporizer. The great part about both of these portable vape rigs is that they don’t require torches or nails like your standard dab rigs do – which is probably one of the reasons as to why they are so popular. If you’re looking for a perfect way of how to smoke oil without a rig in the traditional method, a device like one of these vape rigs might be exactly right for you. With the Puffco Peak product, you can pre-pack your concentrate material, or you can use it like you would with a standard dab rig. 

Before using any portable dab rig for the first time, it’s best that you make sure that the device is fully charged. Both of these portable dab rigs feature haptic feedback, which just means that a device vibrates when it’s heated up and ready to use. There really isn’t a clear-cut winner when it comes to which of these is easier to use because they are about the same and it pretty much just comes down to personal preference. 

Puffco Peak VS Focus V Carta V2

Puffco Peak VS Focus V Carta Temperature Control

With the Puffco Peak product, you get four preset temperatures – 232, 260, 288, and 315 degrees Celsius (450, 500, 550, 599 degrees Fahrenheit) . We were kind of disappointed seeing this because for such an expensive device, we expected a bit more temperature flexibility. The Puffco Peak vape rig comes with smart temp technology that adjusts heat times automatically by sensing the temperature of your bowl, and also features a session mode – which are things that the Carta vape doesn’t have. The session mode is great for dabbing socially at a party or get together.

With the Focus V Carta, you also get four preset temperatures – 260, 332, 410, and 450 degrees Celsius (500, 630, 770, 842 degrees Fahrenheit). Both of these electric dab rigs perform well on the highest settings, but we recommend the mid-range temperatures for the best mixture of production, smoothness and vapor flavor.

Puffco Peak VS Focus V Carta V2 Temperature Settings

The Puffco Peak has a high-quality ceramic bowl that is in a good location to avoid burns during sessions, and it takes about 20 seconds to heat up. The Peak product has a nice sized chamber, not the biggest, but still should be plenty large for most electric dab rig users. The V2 vape has two bowls, a titanium and a quartz one. We didn’t expect the titanium one to perform better, but it did. The Carta V2 vape heats up a bit quicker, in about 15 seconds or so, depending on your desired temp. You can also add an optional dry herb atomizer with the V2 vape, but it might not be worth the approximately $30CAD because, with most dab rigs, the quality of dry herb rips will be lacking.  

Puffco Peak VS Focus V Carta V2 Atomizers

Peak VS Carta Vapor Quality

The concentrate vapor quality and smoothness on both the Puffco Peak product and the Focus V Carta V2 vape are exceptional. The vapor quality on the Peak is noticeably better, but not by all that much – especially not that much to justify paying so much more for it. For such a significant price difference, you aren’t sacrificing all that much vapor quality. With the Focus V Carta, the quality of dry herb rips is solid, but there are other dry herb vaporizers out there that perform better, like the Mighty Plus

Puffco Peak VS Focus V Carta V2 Vapor Quality

Peak VS Carta Battery Life

The Puffco Peak has an internal battery, and the Focus V Carta V2 offers swappable batteries, which is a plus for the V2 vape. With the V2, you get two 18350, 1200mAh batteries that can be swapped. Both portable dab rigs seem to last most users around 30-40 rips on a single charge. While the battery life on the Peak isn’t bad by any stretch of the means, the fact that the V2 vape has the ability to be used with any 18350 battery puts it ahead in our opinion.

Puffco Peak VS Focus V Carta V2 Battery Life

Puffco Peak VS Focus V Carta Manufacturing Quality

The manufacturing quality and aesthetics of the Focus V2 vape are great, but the Puffco Peak product is in a class of its own. The Peak comes with hand-blown borosilicate glass that not only looks cool, kind of like a mountain peak, but is durable and won’t shatter easily. Even though the build quality and appearance of the Peak feel more premium, the V2 vape is no slouch. The V2 does have some parts that are plastic, but it’s not cheap plastic, and it still looks like a cool vape. We thought that if the V2 came in all jet black that would make it look a bit better than its two-tone white and black finish, but that’s nitpicking. The V2 electronic dab rig also has an auto-shutoff feature, which the Peak does not. 


Puffco Peak VS Focus V Carta Portability Comparison

When it comes to portability, the V2 vape is better in that department. There have been many legal users posting pics of themselves with the Focus V Carta out in the wild, and that is something you don’t really get with the Peak. Neither of these vape rigs will score highly in the discreteness category, so you will want to look elsewhere if that’s an area you are looking for. Both devices do come with carrying cases, which help increase the portability level when you are traveling. 


Kit Comparison

Both of these devices come with similar accessories, like a carb cap, a dab tool, a USB charge cable, and high quality carrying cases. With the V2, you get quartz and titanium bowls, and the Peak comes with a ceramic one. 


How to Clean Comparison

Cleaning and maintaining both of these electric dab rigs isn’t hard, but you will need to stay on top of taking apart the components and giving them a solid cleaning with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Be sure to do so after every two sessions, three at the maximum. If you are sick of dipping your Q-Tips in the bottle of alcohol, check out our premium Tools420 vaporizer cleaning sticks.

Summary and Comparison

We were a bit surprised to see that the Puffco Peak comes with only ceramic bowl and that the temperature flexibility was lacking, with only 4 preset temps. The smart-rig technology of the Peak product does improve this a little, but the fact that it costs so much and doesn’t have any bowl options or precision controls is disappointing. However, the Peak is quite simply a better looking, heftier, noticeably more premium electronic dab rig that does have better vapor quality. 

The Carta vape is no slouch and costs a lot less. You also get swappable batteries, an auto-shutoff feature, options for different bowls as well as the capability to vape on dry herbs. The Focus V Carta vape is also more portable. Both of these electronic dab rigs are great alternatives for people looking to vape weed or wondering how to smoke oil without a rig like in the traditional way, and therefore not have to worry about using potentially dangerous torches or nails. The Dr. Dabber Switch is kind of similar to these two electronic vape rigs as well. 

If you want more in-depth information on either of these two devices, you can check out our individual product reviews on both of them.

What do you think about our Puffco Peak VS Focus V Carta V2 vape comparison? Do you own a Peak portable dab rig or a V2 vape? Are we on point with our assessment of the Peak? Let us know in the comments if you own either of these electric dab rigs and which one you like better.

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Puffco Peak VS Focus V Carta Comparison Vaporizer Review
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Puffco Peak VS Focus V Carta Comparison Vaporizer Review
Puffco Peak VS Focus V Carta V2 Comparison: for quick answers on how they work, temperature flexibility, vapor quality, battery, and more.
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11 comments on Puffco Peak VS Focus V Carta Vaporizer Comparison Review

  1. Avatar for Conrad R. Conrad R. says:

    Help I have the Utillian 5 wax vape and its really good, is a Puffco Peak a lot better or is it a waste of money instead? I like taking really big hits through water and I found a way to match up my Utillian 5 with my bong but was really interested in a dab rig thanks a lot hope to hear back.

  2. Avatar for Stav S Stav S says:

    Can you please do a Kandypens Oura vs Peak vs Dr. Dabber Switch vs Dr. Dabber Boost vs Carta comparison?? Maybe I should just get a wax pen instead because I don’t have much money?

  3. Avatar for Silvio E Silvio E says:

    I think an e-rig of each type is really good I’m coming from the torch and banger lifestyle but think I’ll drop some coins on the Focusvape Carta since the review says that’ll probably be better for me too.

    1. Avatar for Cory Cassady Cory Cassady says:

      I have the Carta and my buddy has the Peak I like his a lot too but I love my Carta!! Everything about it I love, the removable batteries, the temperature settings, I love my presets using the app with my phone, and the everlast Atomizer is still going strong and I’m over 800 puffs and still using the same ti bucket!! It’s nice because eventually my friends battery is gonna go bad in his Peak and he’ll have to buy a whole new unit but with the Carta we just need to throw in a new set of batteries and continue vaping!! Lol definitely a good buy if you haven’t bought it already I’m very happy with mine!!

  4. Avatar for Edward C Edward C says:

    If you’re on a budget but really want thest best e-rig then whats the best one? The Kandypens oura looks good can u compare the Kandypens oura vs focusvape carta please?

  5. Avatar for Cieran D Cieran D says:

    As an owner of the Puffco Peak I’m actually very happy with it! As long as you stay on top of maintenance and such you shouldn’t be running into any problems in terms of flavor or atomizer problems. With that being said I’ve seen a lot of people have problems because they don’t know how to clean the puffco peak properly. Stay on top of that and I’d say you’re golden!

  6. Avatar for Dale I Dale I says:

    FocusGANG 4 LYFE rep the focusvape!

  7. Avatar for Igor V Igor V says:

    I had a lot of quality control issues with my Puffco Peak however when it did work I would say it was an absolutely terrific vape. It hits hard, delivers great flavor, and is surprisingly small. Even fits in the cupholder of your car and kinda feels like taking a sip from a juice box when I use it. Still, im curous about the puffco peak vs focusvape carta debate.

  8. Avatar for Vladimir W Vladimir W says:

    I have as puffco peak and kinda want 2 sell it 4 the Carta so if any1 here wants 2 buy a puffco peak for cheap then just lmk.

  9. Avatar for Willam N Willam N says:

    As the owner of a focusvape carta and my friend has a puffco peakm, I’d love to give a detailed analysis and review of how the focusvape Carta Vs puffco peak really is.
    To start I think the focusvape carta hits much better and is more reliable. The flavor seems better, the app control is very nice, the temperature control is better and the removable 18350 batteries is a very nice feature even if 18650 is so much better.
    However, I do much prefer the size, portability, and aesthetic of the puffco peak. Its surprisingly small and still hits very well. It’s a tough choice but for me the Focusvape Carta is preferable in almost every way.

  10. Avatar for Nate F. Nate F. says:

    Do u think the peak hits harder or the focusvape carta? I’m looking to buy my first e-rig vape for dabs and idk which of the 2 to buy!

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