Boundless Vexil Review

Boundless Vexil First Look Review

Vape manufacturer Boundless is back with a powerful and portable conduction dry herb vaporizer. Since their first release to the market in 2016, they’ve constantly upgraded the technology on their vapes, and the Boundless Vexil is no exception. The Vexil comes equipped with some great features right out of the box, including a zirconia cooling chamber, magnetic removable mouthpiece, USB-C Charging, and more. It also features a unique design new to the portable vape category. In this Boundless Vexil Review, we’ll be going over all of these critical details and more to help you learn all about it.

Review: The Boundless Vexil kit

The Boundless Vexil kit takes a minimalist approach with a small design and focuses on only the essentials, as the vape itself is very straightforward.

Boundless Vexil Cooling technology

What’s in the Boundless Vexil Box?

  • Boundless Vexil (Measurements: 4.3in H, 1.7in W)
  • Cleaning brush
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Mouthpiece Screens (x2)
  • User Manual (printed onto the box)
Boundless Vexil banner

Boundless Vexil Manufacturing Quality

Out of the box, the first thing to note is that the Vexil features a very stubby design – It’s almost wider than it is tall. The same applies to the chamber, resembling a Pax 3 elongated bowl, but we’ll get into that later in the review. It weighs about a quarter of a pound and has a simplistic style with a mix of matte and gloss metal alloy exterior shells. It slides into pockets with ease and looks more like a car key than it does a vaporizer, so discreetness in public won’t be a problem for you.  The design is very sleek in combination with the stealth mode option that disables all LED lights. The front of the vape with the flame will illuminate red when it is turned on and display what heating setting you are on. The small zirconia mouthpiece is similar to a raised DaVinci IQC mouthpiece, but we found that it doesn’t feel as natural to use as a glass stem on an Arizer device. It is connected to the chamber with a solid magnetic piece. Overall, everything feels durable and wouldn’t damage in case of a fall or bumps inside a bag. Boundless Vexil filled with cannabis

Review: Boundless Vexil Ease of Use

The Boundless Vexil is super easy to use and features only three intuitive buttons and, as mentioned, a magnetic mouthpiece for chamber-loading. Four pre-set temperatures are displayed as pedals on the LED panel. As long as you are using the finely ground herb, the comprehensive design in the chamber will be able to get a lot of vapor extracted. Surprisingly, the wedge-shaped mouthpiece offers straightforward drawing and excellent vapor quality. On the left side of the Vexil are three buttons: The power and an up and down button. To turn the vape on, press it five times in a row in under two seconds.  Pressing the up and down buttons will cycle through the four temperature settings, with each color representing a different setting. In the info pamphlet: Green: 360F(182C), Purple: 380F(193C), Blue: 400F(204C), and Red: 420F(215C). The LED lights will begin flashing after you power the vape on and remain solid once fully heated. In our tests, this will take 30-40 seconds depending on what setting you are on – slightly above average for similar vapes. As a huge 0.5g conduction bowl, Boundless recommends slow and longer draws for the best results and clouds. Note: We never had to stir the bowl in any of our tests. Boundless Vexil side profile User Interface

Unique Induction heating and zirconia air pathway

Above the sizeable induction-style bowl is a winding zirconia cooling spiral which helps to provide excellent quality clouds that never feel overheated.  The helix design within the airpath helps cool the air in the very short vape. This helps separate it from others like the Pax 3 or DaVinci IQ2. The more air travels, the cooler it becomes – A nifty feature. The pulls were very easy in terms of vapor quality and can only be compared to the Mighty+ Vape or the Zeus Arc GTS. As long as your pulls are slow and longer, you will get good airflow moving through even the most packed bowls and clouds that are pretty large. Additionally, the two air path vents are entirely isolated from the internal electronics and battery, meaning the vapor is of pure quality. The only downside we found was that the vapor gets very hot, even in the lower temperature settings. Because of this, we don’t exactly recommend going to red (420F). I had the most success on green (360F/182C). Any higher and I could feel the heat in the back of my throat. Plus, green produced large clouds on its own. After the five-minute auto-off timer, I repeatedly had thoroughly turned my ABV a solid brown color. When testing red, the clouds were absolutely mad, but the excellent taste from green had gone and now tasted burnt and extremely hot. Boundless Vexil front profile with red led indicator

Powerful Battery?

The Vexil features an 1800 mAh battery that could be considered its only weakness. On average, you’ll be able to get six sessions in, but the charge time is only 45 minutes with the USB-C. The battery is not removable, so if you’re a heavy user outside of the house, it may not be the best choice unless you have a battery bank with you on the go. We can forgive this slight weakness with the overall ease of use. Boundless Vexil charging port

How to clean the Boundless Vexil?

To clean the Boundless Vexil, all you’ll need to do is remove the mouthpiece lid, and then its screen, gasket, and spiral cooling system. The first thing to know is that above the mouthpiece screen, there was an excessive amount of resin – Maybe the most I’ve ever seen on a dry herb vaporizer. Connoisseurs will want to harvest this, but I used an isopropyl alcohol bath for about 10 minutes, and then a hot water rinse to get it off. If you’re on top of your maintenance, you can use vape cleaning wipes to make sure the buildups don’t get out of hand. When you’re ready to put it all back together once it’s all dry, just place the spiral into the top slot followed by the rubber gasket and screen. Then, just attach it to the vape body again, and the magnets will secure everything in place. For the chamber, make sure to knock out your used debris after every use to help prevent resin buildups, and once a month, use vape cleaning sticks to keep it working its best.

What I would like to see in updated versions

The only two knocks I have on the device are the air intake holes and the mouthpiece. As the air holes are very small and few, the draws can get quite restricted, especially with a tightly packed bowl. Combine that with the awkward-to-use mouthpiece, and it’s a bad combination. If there were either more air intake holes, or bigger ones, there would be more convection moving through the chamber, and the draws would feel and sound much less restricted. As for the mouthpiece, if this thing had a different style mouthpiece with either a glass or plastic stem, this would be a top-tier portable vaporizer. The current mouthpiece isn’t water pipe adaptable, but a glass stem would be and would take this to a 10/10 rating.

Boundless Vexil Review Conclusion:

These days, pure conduction vaporizers can polarize the dry herb vaping community, but the Vexil stands out as a tiny powerhouse. The zirconia mouthpiece and airpath combined with the large chamber make for easy draws and good clouds without overwhelming heat on the lower settings. This makes it appealing for medicinal users looking for ease of use with easy draws without sacrificing vapor quality. If you’ve been looking for a portable vape with a metallic body and excellent vapor production, this could be the device for you. For those looking for a similar experience with an intuitive application and concentrate abilities, the PAX 3 has got you covered. For those looking for a more laid-back hybrid heating experience with a metal body and better vapor quality, the Solo 2 will be your best choice.        

Boundless Vexil Review
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Boundless Vexil Review
Boundless has released a portable dry herb vape with a .5g bowl and conduction heating. Is there anything not to love?
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