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Boundless Technology is a USA-based vaporizer company established in 2016 that strives to create innovation in its portable vaporizers.

Boundless really tries to create a good mixture of stealth and power from their units and we are inclined to agree that they did a good job!

Their current flagship devices include the Boundless Tera V3, and the Boundless CFC 2.0, along with their wax vaporizers the Boundless Terp Pen and Boundless Terp Pen XL.

Above all, Boundless has a good reputation in the customer satisfaction department, and can easily be interacted with on forum posts and live streams. We are always sure to test their latest devices when they come out to see if they are worth bringing on, so when you see a release, be sure to see if we have a review of that vaporizer out!

Boundless Tera

The Boundless Tera is currently the best portable vaporizer Boundless manufactures. With an intuitive OLED screen and multiple choices of mouthpieces included in the kit, it simply performs very well for its mid-range price tag. You can learn more about it in our Boundless Tera Review.

Boundless CFC 2.0

The Boundless CFC 2.0 is their current budget vaporizer offering and is overall a good bang for your buck. With a large ceramic chamber, precision temperature control, and an included bong adapter in the kit, it’s a great first dry herb vaporizer for beginners to try. You can learn more about it in our Boundless CFC 2.0 Review.

Boundless Terp Pens

As nectar collectors, the Boundless terp pens are made to be pressed into your wax and shatter while you inhale. Also known as honey straws, these are a different kind of wax vaporizer and also come at a cheaper price. You can learn more about how they work in our Boundless Terp Pen Review and Boundless Terp Pen XL Review.

Boundless Vexil

The Boundless Vexil was a portable conduction vaporizer released in 2022 and is super hard-hitting for being in the middle price range – Maybe a bit too hard hitting for our tastes to add it to our catalog! You can learn more about it in our Boundless Vexil Review.

Boundless CFX+

The Boundless CFX+ was an updated version of the now-discontinued Boundless CFX. It features a unique OLED screen and cooling mouthpiece, but took a step backward in terms of draw restriction and ease-of-use. You can learn more about these models in our Boundless CFX Review and Boundless CFX+ Review.

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