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As OG’s of the Electric Dab Rig market, Crossing Tech AKA Shenzhen Crossing, have acquired a solid reputation from fans for their E-Rig lineup in The Core 1.0 and The Core 2.1.

Crossing Core 2.0 / 2.1 Accessories

On this page you’ll be able to find the Core 2.1 along with accessories for the Core 2.0 / 2.1.

The Core 2.1 is the updated version of the original Core and now features upgraded features like a large 3D Ceramic The Core 2.1 Atomizer. The 3D in the name refers to the abundance of coil embedded into the ceramic chamber and means that your dab will be cooked much more evenly, especially compared to a cheap E-Rig.

If you want the same incredible vapor quality as top E-Rigs like the Puffco Peak Pro or Puffco Proxy without the premium price tag, The Core 2.1 is a dabbing connoisseur’s dream.

The Core 1.0 E-Rig

If you’re after a budget E-Rig that can pump out top-notch vapor quality, then The Core 1.0 is your best bet. While it might not have the fancy bells and whistles like an HD screen, its simple user interface and massive 3000mAh battery is able to pump out tons of excellent sessions. It comes with a quartz bucket atomizer or an exposed triple titanium coil in the kit, which is a huge bonus. Out of the box, you can choose whether you want massive clouds or excellent flavor from your concentrates!

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