Which E-Rig should you buy?

As two of the Best E-Rigs on the market, The Core 2.1 and Puffco Peak Pro have both risen to the tops of the popularity charts since their release, and for good reason too!

They offer easy dabbing experiences with top-of-the-line vapor quality, but there are a few things that differentiate them that prospective buyers should know about. In this comparison review, I’ll be going over the main differences and similarities to put you on the right track based on your unique habits.

Core 2.1 vs Peak Pro Specs + Ratings

Core 2.1 E-Rig Puffco Peak Pro E-Rig
Material Compatibility Concentrates Concentrates
Pass through charging No No
Swappable Batteries No No
Charge Time 2 Hours 2.5 Hours
Charging Port USB-C USB-C / Wireless
Battery life 50 Sessions~ 30 Sessions ~
Heating system 3D Ceramic Atomizer Ceramic Atomizer
Heat up time 15 seconds~ 25 Seconds
Temperature control 4 Pre-Sets 4 Pre-Sets (adjustable)
Temperature Range 205°C-260°C / 401°F-500°F 232 °C – 316 °C / 450 °F – 620 °F
Oven Size .15g Able to do Globs
Vapor path way Glass / Ceramic Glass / Ceramic
Accessories Side Bubbler Bubblers / Atomizers
Vibration Alert Yes Yes
Motion sensor No No
Warranty period 1 Year 1 Year
Price $200 $400
Coupon Code
Ease of Use 10/10 8/10
Vapor Quality 9/10 8/10
Manufacturing Quality 8/10 9/10
Ease of Cleaning 8/10 8/10
Portability 8/10 7/10
Durability 9/10 8/10

Kit Comparisons

Core 2.1 Kit Puffco Peak Pro Kit
Core 2.0 E-rig Base + Borosilicate Glass Bubbler Puffco Peak Pro E-Rig
Aluminum Spinner Carb Cap Bubbler Glass
Carb Cap Silicone Leash Oculus Carb Cap
Silicone Base Cover Ceramic Atomizer
Atomizer with V5 heater installed Travel case
Spare V5 Heater AC adapter + USB-C cable
Dab Tool Dab tool
Spare Atomizer Screws Cleaning sticks
Spare Carb Cap Tube O-rings
USB-C Charging Cable
Cleaning supplies kit
Upgraded carrying case

Which atomizer is better?

The main shining star of the Core 2.1 is the 3D ceramic atomizer which will provide heat directly from the ceramic bucket’s 360 degree heating to your dab.

The standard out-of-the-box Peak Pro atomizer is a little bit on the cheaper side of things and doesn’t use 3D technology, or ‘heat sensors’ like it claims on their 3D atomizer upgrade for $90 USD.

Since a 3D atomizer will provide better heat exchange and faster heat-up times, it’s a huge win for the Core 2.1 to have it included right out of the box.

However, with the Peak Pro, you’ll also have more room for temperature adjustments via the smartphone application that will give you a range of 450 °F – 620 °F, compared to 401°F-500°F on the Core 2.1.

  • June 2023 update: New Puffco Peak Pros will ship with a stock 3D atomizer

Core 2.1 vs Peak Pro – Vapor Quality

  • One place where the Peak Pro shines is in its session consistency.

Since Puffco‘s improvement of their bubbler on the original model, there are no clear flaws in the overall vapor quality.

As stated, the Peak Pro’s atomizer is made to maintain its temperatures very well, and the slow heat-up time means there’s less room for human error when cold or hot-loading.

You’ll get your one or two big hits in and then that’s the end of your session. Maybe a little bit of coughing in higher temperatures, but overall it’s quite smooth!

  • For the Core 2.1, the V5 Ceramic Atomizer is optimized for lower temperatures due to its massive bowl and 3D heating.

Especially if you upgrade to the Core 2.1 Side Bubbler, the vapor quality is next level and overall better all-around compared to the Peak Pro. But I would say that it’s a bit better suited for people that prefer heavy hits because of how much vapor is produced even at lower temperatures.

Which has the better extraction?

At face value, each E-Rig works quite similarly with a ceramic chamber and one-button operation. However, the Core 2.1 is heated up for around 10 seconds, while the Peak Pro takes over 20 seconds.

  • For extraction, this comparison more so comes down to preference.

With the Core 2.1, you’re going to have your dab ‘milked’ for longer because of how wide the ceramic’s surface area along with the 3D heating which will provide a better melt, especially with live resin and rosin.

With the Peak Pro, for most temperatures, you’re going to be clearing your bowl in about two hits, but there’s a tradeoff because of the slow 30 seconds heat-up time.


Each vaporizer has very similar size specs, with the Core 2.1 just being slightly more narrow to make it more viable to use it one-handed. Each vape has a super secure bubbler and carb cap that won’t come loose easily.

The OG Puffco Peak did have some problems with the manufacturing quality of the bubbler, but this was fixed on the Pro version, and is now more durable and better fitted. Each vape does come with a lovely vape case that will help with traveling. There are some available upgrades with the Peak Pro such as a travel-optimized bubbler and cleaning tools tether, as well.

Overall, I’d say that the Focus V Carta 2 still has them beat because of the stylish included backpack and included bubbler cap.

Focus V Carta 2 USBC Port

The Carta 2 features a super sleek and portable design

Battery and Charging Comparison

  • The battery of the Core 2.1 is slightly stronger, compounded by the fact that its heat-up time is faster than the Peak Pro.

Luckily, as new E-Rigs, they both have USB-C charging which can get the party started up again in under 2 hours.

The Peak Pro does have some cool additional features like wireless Qi charging and on-demand heating when using a power dock.

This on-demand setting is known as ‘Ready Mode’ and is an available option on the smartphone app to enable automatic heating after you remove the Peak Pro from your wireless charging pad. Just a head’s up that the Puffco wireless charging dock will cost you $120 USD, and there are plenty of other budget-friendly options available on the market.

The Peak Pro has better Manufacturing Quality

Each E-Rig is the 2nd generation in their lineup and have had the quality of life upgrades made to their overall design.

I will say that the 2.1’s 3D atomizer does make a huge difference to the overall experience. While the vapor might be a little on the hotter side, it does overall feel like the better unit in the hand.

Where the Peak Pro does shine is in its app functionality because you’ll have much more access to customization than on the Core 2.1, and in many ways, this is where the price difference stems from. Being able to adjust temperatures and light settings will be a game-changer for some users.

General Tips and Tricks

  • If you’re an on-the-go dabber, you’ll want to buy the travel accessories for the Peak Pro
  • For the best vapor quality, definitely consider the 3D atomizer for a more even heat distribution, especially at lower temperatures
  • For the Core 2.1, definitely consider the side mouthpiece bubbler for an overall more enjoyable experience
  • A lot of Shenzhen Crossing Tech accessories for the Core 1.0 is also compatible with the Core 2.0 / Core 2.1

Which E-Rig is easier maintenance?

The chamber design and bubbler design are very similar to one another and can be cleaned with some Vape Cleaning Sticks and some Orange Chronic Cleaner. For thorough cleanings, their atomizers can also be cleaned with a soak in 90% isopropyl alcohol soak before a gently pat dry and quick burn-off.

Reddit Community Consensus

The general community consensus about Puffco Wax Vaporizers is that you’re paying a lot for the brand name for only marginal performance improvements.

With the Core 2.1, the non-rebuildable atomizer compared to the 2.0 makes it a great option for beginners that prefer just swapping out the V5 atomizer.

puffco peak pro vs core 2.0 community consensus

Pros Comparison

  • The Core 2.1 is a great option for beginners and heavy users alike because of the straight-forward & hard-hitting design
  • The Peak Pro is a great option for dabbers that want to say that they own the best dabbing equipment possible, especially if they want to opt into any of the part upgrades

Cons Comparison

  • The Core 2.1 only has its 4 pre-set temperatures and not many accessory upgrades available yet
  • The Peak Pro is overpriced and doesn’t offer much better performance than competitors

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I’d recommend The Core 2.1 to the majority of concentrate users who are switching from using a wax pen or a traditional torch and dab rig setup.

It’s just a natural progression and will provide you with tons of clouds to puff away on that are full of flavor.

For the Puffco Peak Pro, I’d recommend its laid-back style to users who prefer getting a one-hitter style dab that also enjoys tweaking their settings to find their perfect style. Overall though, I have to say that I don’t agree with the price of the Peak Pro.

Until next time, to health and high times!

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