Grenco Science has been releasing top portable dry herb vaporizers for close to ten years at this point and has released a wide array of devices. In the portable entry-level category, they have two vapes that have remained steadily popular, the G Pen Dash and the G Pen Elite. They are both similarly priced and perform about the same – So, which should you buy? In this comparison review, we’ll be looking at the differences in their key features to help you decide which to buy based on your unique vaping habits.

Portability Comparison

The Dash clocks in at 3.6 inches tall and sport a very sleek and narrow design that will easily slip into any pants pocket. It has a durable metal body and a plastic mouthpiece cap with only three small LED lights to help keep the vape discreet in public.

The Elite is 4.3 inches tall and has a similarly sleek design but is a bit more ergonomic thanks to being made to fit into the palm of your hand. Plus, It weighs the exact same as the Dash at only 90g.

Overall this category is a tie as they will be able to be hit in public without anyone batting an eye. Unless you’re a heavy user, you won’t need a Vape Carrying Case to help with portability.

G Pen Dash vs G Pen Elite user interface

Vapor Quality

As conduction vaporizers, they rely on their oven heating up to extract the THC from your ground-up dry herb. It’s a common choice for budget vaporizers as the technology is a bit cheaper than convection, which functions by running hot air through the oven chamber. For a budget convection vaporizer, you might consider the XMAX V3 Pro.

As we mentioned in the intro, the vapor quality is pretty similar. While the G Pen Elite uses a large 0.5g ceramic oven, the Dash has a narrower 0.2g stainless steel oven. The Dash uses a zirconia spiral mouthpiece insert that helps to cool your vapor down whereas the Elite uses a rubber mouthpiece that helps to dissipate the heat. The airflow on the Elite is a bit better and you’ll be able to keep the session going for longer thanks to the oven being 0.4g compared to 0.2g. On the Elite, it’s better to use a more coarse grind because the filter is more of a grate style that becomes clogged mid-session if your grind is too fine.

On the Elite, you’ll be able to set a precise temperature between 90 – 220°C / 194 – 428°F, versus on the Dash where you’ll have three pre-set temperatures ranging between 375-428°F (190-220°C). Because of this, if you enjoy more of a relaxed session style, the Elite might be better as you can set a lower temperature which will offer more terpenes. The Dash’s temperatures are a bit on the higher end and so beginners might find them a little harsh if this is their first vaporizer.

Suitable Substances

These vapes are made for dry herbs only. The chambers won’t get hot enough to really vaporize concentrates, and if you do it’s going to create a mess in the chamber and mouthpieces as well.

G Pen Dash vs G Pen Elite size compatison

Battery Life

On the G Pen Dash, there’s a 900mAh battery which will last you about 30-40 minutes of life, or about five bowl clears. As a plus, it offers pass-through charging which means that you’ll be able to use the vaporizer while it’s charging. For heavy users, this means you’ll be able to take a battery bank with you to keep the party going if you run out of juice while you’re camping for instance. To help you know your current battery life, there is an indicator that will indicate your battery life as it charges.

On the G Pen Elite, you’ll have a 2200mAh battery that will last you about an hour of uptime, and take an hour and a half to charge from dead. It also uses a micro-USB charging port but won’t have pass-through charging. The good thing is that on the OLED screen, you’ll be able to see your battery charge. On the downside, a full charge will take around two and a half hours.

Overall, neither vape is very impressive in the battery category, but seeing as they are both under $100, it’s an okay tradeoff.

G Pen Dash vs G Pen Elite charging port

How to use comparison – Elite vs. Dash

Each vape will operate quite similarly as you’ll first start by removing the mouthpiece and loading in your cannabis. The Dash has a slightly more beginner-friendly funneled chamber designer, but the Elite’s chamber is also massive so it’s hard to make a mistake with it as well.

They each will power on by pressing the power button five times in a row quickly and then will begin heating to your set temperature after you press and hold the power button for a few seconds. On the dash, you can swap between the three pre-set temperatures by triple tapping the power button, and on the Elite you can use the up and down arrows to set your temperature, as well as swap between Fahrenheit and Celsius by pressing both buttons at the same time.

G Pen Dash Filling Chamber

G Pen Elite vs. G Pen Dash – Cleaning Review

The G Pen Elite is by far the device that will need more maintenance. It uses a grate-style metal filter that slides into fits into a slot on the mouthpiece but it gets dirty very quickly. It can also get stuck if you let enough resin build-up which means that you’ll have to swab it down with Vape Cleaning Sticks before you try to slide it out again. Once it’s out you can then swab out the inside of the mouthpiece as well. Seeing as the chamber is pretty deep, it’s a good idea to have a pick tool to knock out debris after you’re done a session. For the rubber mouthpiece and body of the vape, a quick wipe with some isopropyl alcohol will keep it looking its best.

For the Dash, cleaning is a bit easier as you can just pull on the rubber gasket holding the metal filter on the mouthpiece before knocking out the metal screen, ceramic insert, and zirconia spiral. Apart from the gasket, you can then put these three parts in a small container with some isopropyl alcohol for around 10 minutes before a gentle scrub and rinse off. Once everything is dry, you can put it all back together and into the gasket and then back onto the vape to have it working like new.

Should you buy the G Pen Elite or the G Pen Dash?

Unless not having precision temperature control is a total deal-breaker, most people will find the Dash to be the better pickup. Everything about it is super easy to use and you’ll be able to almost completely in your hand while you take hits in public. While the three pre-set temperatures are a bit on the higher end, it’s overall a great entry-level vape that is perfect for people switching to vaping from smoking joints. If you like the style of the Elite, you might consider the XMAX V3 Pro as an alternative, or the newer model, the G Pen Elite 2. It’s a much more premium device that now has a combination of conduction and convection and is made from more high-quality materials. Definitely worth considering if budget isn’t an issue.

We hope you enjoyed our comparison review and hope that it has helped steer you in the right direction! If we missed anything or if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment! Until next time, to health and high times!

G Pen Dash laying down side and front profile

Grenco Science Elite vs Dash
Grenco Science Elite vs Dash
The main difference between the G Pen Elite and the G Pen Dash is the precision temperature control and oLED screen on the Elite.