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Dry Herb Vaporizer Conduction
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Heat up Time: 60 Sec.
  • German Engineered
  • Accelerometer & Haptic Feedback
  • Built in Multi-tool
  • USB Charging
  • 3500mah Battery
  • 3 Heating cycles (Adjustable)

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The Zeus brand is well known in the vaporization world for producing high-quality vaporizers. The new Zeus Arc GT is truly a sight to behold. It not only looks attractive, but it also packs some serious vaping power. The featured gold chamber is an excellent conductor and distributes heat much better than the stainless steel chamber of the Zeus Arc. This ultimately produces thicker and higher quality vapor, and at an unnoticeable price difference, you’ll be happy you upgraded. You might have a hard time finding a portable dry herb vaporizer that looks this cool, feels this ergonomic, and compact yet delivers such huge vape clouds. If you are looking for an even smoother experience attach the Zeus ARC Water Pipe Adapter and try out one of our Bubblers for a noticeable difference in vapor cooling and quality.

How to Use the Zeus Arc

Using the Arc is a breeze. Simply hold the button and wait for the unit to heat up. This takes about a minute. LED lights blink while heating up and stay solid green when it is ready to go. The Arc has haptic feedback (vibration alert)  that indicates its readiness to rip. The Zeus comes programmed with 3 temperature settings (400, 420, 435F) giving you the option to draw your session out or crank it up to rip some serious clouds. These temperatures are adjustable by using the manufacturer’s firmware. Simply download the firmware on your computer and plug in your device to easily customize the Zeus’s preset temperatures.

The power saver mode will shut down the unit completely after ten minutes as well to conserve battery life. There is a lip at the top of the Arc that allows you to easily pack dry herb into the Arc GT with minimal spillage. The small magnetic tool on the bottom of the device is also handy for emptying your spent herb.

To clean, remove the rubber lid to reveal the chamber. Clean the chamber itself by swabbing with the Zeus grime sticks. Clean the heat sink and the flow sink screens in isopropyl alcohol after prolonged use. Finally, you can clean the airway with the included purify pipe cleaners. Take care of your vape and it takes care of you!

German Engineering

There is an “engineered in Germany” label, and you’ll definitely notice a difference in performance quality compared to your run of the mill dry herb portable vaporizer. The GT stands for Gold Technology. The Zeus brand definitely puts out a gold standard with this model.

Lightning Bolts Not Included

The Zeus Arc portable vaporizer lives up to its godly name because it’s seriously powerful. While there are no lightning bolts coming out of it, the unit seems to make vapor like it’s a steam engine. The performance of the Arc lives up to just about anything else on the vaporizer market right now. The vapor is still smooth and not too harsh at all on your throat when inhaling.

Harnessing the Power of the Zeus Arc

The Zeus Arc charges up in about two hours and lasts about 90 minutes until it needs more juice. You can fit about 0.3 grams of your favorite dry herb into the Arc. At 22.5mm x 42mm x 87mm, the unit itself is both surprisingly discreet for how powerful it is, yet durable and sturdy. The unit weighs only 4 ounces, which amazes us every time we use it.

Tough to Beat the Zeus Arc

The Arc is as high-powered as it is sexy and rugged. You will get tons of vapor production from this unit, some of the most from just about any portable vaporizer available today – especially on the two higher settings. The user-friendly nature of the Zeus Arc makes it a great choice for experienced vape users and newbies alike.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Zeus Arc Vaporizer
  • 5 x Zeus Grime Wipes
  • 5 x Zeus Grime Sticks
  • 5 x Zeus Purify Pipe Cleaners
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Flow Sink Tool
  • 1 x Space Reducer

Other Zeus Arc Accessories:

Additional information

Weight.5 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 10 cm


Product Technical Details

Warranty Period:3 Years
Vaporizing Material:Dry Herb
Heating System:Conduction
Heat Up Time:60 Seconds
Bowl Size:0.3g
Bowl Material:Gold Plated
Battery Life/Size:3500mAh/90 Minutes
Temperature Range:400°F, 420°F, 435°F
Smartphone Compatibility:No
Dimension (HxDxW):3.75 x 0.75 x 1.75 in

54 reviews for Zeus ARC GT

  1. Avatar for Devin S.

    Devin S. (verified owner)

    So far the Zeus Arc GT has been awesome! Very happy with my purchase and Josh at tools420 was a great and knowledgeable about the products!

  2. Avatar for John Patenaude

    John Patenaude (verified owner)

    Best overacheiving vaporizer I have tried yet,great taste, good draw,tons of vapor, simple as hell to use,set temp and in a minute ur gtg.has decent battery life for a portable and only a few parts to clean.used it now for 3 weeks every day and is still not in need of a cleaning.HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to decerning users.price point is in the ballpark as far as comparable units go.have the gt model and have not tried the stainless model so I cannot compare the difference in the performance

  3. Avatar for Jeff

    Jeff (verified owner)

    Great service and an amazing vape!

  4. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good purshase experience, however the product is absolutely not as expected from reviews. It’s same taste than the pax, same smoke but the cap where you also put your mouth is not stable and dosn’t close the ARC

    • Avatar for Tools420

      Tools420 (store manager)

      Thank you for your feedback. Please make sure the screen inside the mouthpiece is placed correctly, otherwise the mouthpiece will not sit flushed. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our support team.

  5. Avatar for Anonymous


    Dad got this 4 me as a gift and now I don’t smoke weed anymore! Vaping rules! Loaded some Lmeon Skunk innit for my first sesh and holy hell naw I’m not smoking ever again hahaha the flavor was so good for the first few hits and though it doesn’t produce as much smoke as joints I still got really high.

  6. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  8. Avatar for Mike T.

    Mike T.

    Battery life is really good, I can use it for many days without thinking about recharging it. Surprising since it’s so small! I really like the design but also the vapor and mouthpiece gets pretty hot after a few sessions back to back. Overall it’s a good unit and the vibration is a nice feature too. My first weed vape so I don’t know how it compares but for me its fine.

  9. Avatar for Alvin Malone

    Alvin Malone

    I tried both the Zeus Arc GT and Zeus Arc and decided I’d rather save the cash for a little less performance. The newest firmware update made the performance even better and I found overfilling the herb chamber to give me better results .If you don’t load enough into it it doesn’t work so good so make sure to load it up!

  10. Avatar for Paul M.

    Paul M. (verified owner)

    Great products, service and pricing. Really enjoying the Zeus Arc, works as advertised. I highly recommend Tools420!

  11. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good dry herb vape. Very stealthy, great vapor and easy to clean, way easier than pax. I soak all metal parts in iso after every 10 or 11 sessions and all the parts look as good as new again. I haven’t needed to change the flow screen in the chamber yet but I can’t imagine it being too difficult to do? Based on what I’ve read you just have to pop it out and place a new one in there. I think I need to do replace mine soon as the airflow starting to feel a bit tight.

  12. Avatar for Scott

    Scott (verified owner)

  13. Avatar for Michael F

    Michael F (verified owner)

  14. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best vape I’ve used

  15. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  16. Avatar for Alejandro

    Alejandro (verified owner)

    Batterie should be changeable, and/or last more time. The real time to have full charge is about 3 hours. Taste is good, doesn’t need frequently cleaning, like the design.

  17. Avatar for Kevin Gomez

    Kevin Gomez

    My first weed vape and it’s really good since it’s small and can be taken everywhere. Fits in my pocket and I take it basically everywhere. Wish I could load it easier when on the go (might buy the Arc pods) but whatever. The bowl is big enough to have like 2 sessions or so if you end the first one early. Fast shipping, good price, I’m satisfied.

  18. Avatar for Monique

    Monique (verified owner)

    Order was easy price was good, but when I selected express shipping and paid the extra money for it the packages was a day late so the extra money was wasted.

  19. Avatar for André

    André (verified owner)

    Great products, service and pricing. Really enjoying the Zeus Arc GT, works as advertised.

  20. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  21. Avatar for Andrew M.

    Andrew M. (verified owner)

  22. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Device is dope! Shipping could be better

  23. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is my second weed vape after an Arizer Solo and it’s definitely good enough! It’s really small and can go anywhere (I like taking it skiing and mountain biking) without worrying about breaking glass pieces and stuff. I still use my Arizer Solo at home but whenever I’m out and want to have a session I use the Arc. Fast shipping too!

  24. Avatar for Suzanne

    Suzanne (verified owner)

  25. Avatar for Joe S.

    Joe S. (verified owner)

    This unit is very well made and provides an easy, smooth vape. It was processed and shipped in no time. Tools420 is a great place to shop online!

  26. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very nice feels pure and clean, excellent draw

  27. Avatar for David C.

    David C. (verified owner)

    I’ve watched videos, read directions, and tried different things and still can’t get this thing to work like it’s advertised. I get very little vapor, if any, from the first setting, a little more on the second and just mediocre more on the third. What a hassle and a pain in the rear. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t of bought this expensive hand warmer and bought a Storze & Bickel. Now that I’m stuck with it I’m not sure what else to do but weep about the money I wasted. Bottom line is it’s a bad investment.


  28. Avatar for Salar Hazany

    Salar Hazany (verified owner)

    i watched many youtube videos on this. several videos were from tool420. i used the tool perfectly as described. mine barely made any vapor. it burned the herb up after a few puffs. ive used many other vaporizers and this was the most disappointing.

  29. Avatar for Phillip D.

    Phillip D. (verified owner)

    Can’t tell you how much I love this thing ! It’s so easy to use and to deal with. Fits in any pocket and super easy to fill ! You won’t be disappointed the Zeus Arc is one of the best on the market…easily !

  30. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  31. Avatar for Brandon Fritts

    Brandon Fritts (verified owner)

  32. Avatar for Scot

    Scot (verified owner)

    Love it go for the GT!

  33. Avatar for Manuel Thibault

    Manuel Thibault (verified owner)

    Slick peace of engineering however, not sold on the mouthpiece design, hard to draw and silicone component will not settle flat when the little square grill is put into place. I diy a mesh at the bottom of the heat chamber because the little filter ball got lost with the burned out material. In short, great vaporizer apart from the mouthpiece as a whole which probably would not be wasted time to have another look at it’s design. An upgrade of this aspect would likely maintain the Arc as a leader in it’s category for years to come.

  34. Avatar for Remi

    Remi (verified owner)

    Very user friendly and easy to clean. The micro-dosing spacer is a great option. It produced a lot of vapor for a little amount of herb. Very disappointed that I can’t update the firmware on Mac…
    Great service, amazing vape, I recommend it!

  35. Avatar for Richer St Amand

    Richer St Amand (verified owner)

  36. Avatar for Patrick

    Patrick (verified owner)

    Awesome device!

  37. Avatar for Kavon Kharaty

    Kavon Kharaty (verified owner)


  38. Avatar for Jacques R.

    Jacques R. (verified owner)

    Very good vaporizer. Small, good vape , handy …

  39. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Kinda sucks and uses way more herb than doobs. I say Save your money and smoke less if you wish to mitigate health effects. Only great for incognito use but battery dies super fast.

  40. Avatar for Deleno J.

    Deleno J. (verified owner)

    Very well built product. I’m happy with my purchase.

  41. Avatar for Erica

    Erica (verified owner)

    I had been using a Pax vapes for about 6 years and my Pax 2 was on its last legs, and I figured different / better vapes had come into the market. After a lot of research I settled on the Arc. So far it’s been an upgrade vs the Pax, imo. The cleaning for the Arc is much easier for one. Also pulling from it is easier as well (I’d often have to explain to friends how to sip the Pax). The hand feel is also very pleasant on the Arc. I do love the haptic feedback when it’s ready and when it shuts down. On the highest setting, it does get a bit hot after 5 minutes. It gets uncomfortable, I haven’t been burned, just be mindful. The battery doesn’t seem to not last as long with multiple heat cycles in one sitting.(Ex. if you turn it on during a gaming sessions get distracted with a boss or fire fight and have to heat it up over and over again, you’ll drain the battery). Loading it is super easy as well! No more spilled flower or flower trails! The magnetic poker is also very handy and serves as a cover for the USB charge port. Also love that the charger isn’t proprietary! If you want a reliable fancy vape or a Pax upgrade, you can’t go wrong with the Arc!

  42. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  43. Avatar for David Rowe

    David Rowe (verified owner)

  44. Avatar for Terry Murray

    Terry Murray (verified owner)

  45. Avatar for Mary Antico

    Mary Antico (verified owner)

  46. Avatar for Pamela creech

    Pamela creech (verified owner)

    this is the best vaporizer I’ve ever tried and I am a 100% happy with the way it works.

  47. Avatar for David Roycroft

    David Roycroft (verified owner)

    This is my first vaporizer and I am very pleased. I had this for over 2 weeks and I am enjoying it. Very easy to maintain a clean device. I really cannot compare it to any other products. Though friends have had others that I tried this is the first one I really enjoyed the experience. The flavor is amazing. Though it does heat up very much on the highest setting but it is not very uncomfortable, just noticeable. I would give it 4 and half stars instead of 5 but the site doesn’t allow it. 4and half since it really is my first and I have no real comparison to go by.

  48. Avatar for Hans Steffen

    Hans Steffen (verified owner)

    It is an excellent vaporizer! However it is not the same as the mighty. I own the mighty almost 4 years now and it is still better. The arc is much much better than the competition but does not beat the mighty

  49. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    good battery, good smoke feedback, fits well in hand with a solid feel and weight

  50. Avatar for Patricia Lussier

    Patricia Lussier (verified owner)


  51. Avatar for Kevin

    Kevin (verified owner)

    Wow, this is really an incredible vape. I upgraded from a Vapium Summit, and the quality of vapor is far superior in the Arc. Plus, it looks way sleeker and more discreet. I absolutely love the magnetic scraping tool on the bottom of the unit. A few minor issues for me: it has more parts, like the heat sink filter, that will need continuous replacement; it gets quite hot if you keep it on too long; and you can’t use it to vape while it’s charging. But I still wouldn’t go back!

  52. Avatar for David

    David (verified owner)

    This is my first vaporizer and I really do like it. Its easy to load and use. The hits are very tasty and easily drawn from the device. The maintenance and cleaning is very easy to perform. I would give this product 4 and half rating if I was able. The only reason I don’t give it a 5 rating is its my first vaporizer I really have nothing to compare it to. But I really do love this product, it is better than I expected the experience to be. Well worth the purchase and the customer service at tools420 is great.

  53. Avatar for Megan

    Megan (verified owner)

    Works like a charm, such a great vape. I like the spacer so I can pack a smaller bowl. Quick to charge and lasts awhile.

  54. Avatar for Lynn

    Lynn (verified owner)

    Love this!!! I cannot believe anyone would smoke cannabis after vaporizing cannabis. So smooth and you can enjoy all the terpenes/flavours of each strain. Cannot recommend this product enough.

  55. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  56. Avatar for kevinsinpink

    kevinsinpink (verified owner)

    Really happy with the device overall, I find it kind of hard to get air flow going through it tho. I’ve tried fine grinded, and even not so fine, aswell as lighter or deeper packing. My next disappointment is as I came to write this review, I notice the device is on a massive sale 1 day after I receive mine for $289.99 While I’m fine for the price I paid. However it is a little slap in the face to see it 60$ dollars cheaper.

    – My only complaint is the air flow seems bad, or not willing to work with my types of grinds. The price thing sucks, but it is what it is.

    – Size and build quality is superb. Feels like a light little tank in your hand.

    – Battery is good, I’ve gotten multiple uses on the two higher settings.

    – Website shipped quick, and faster shipping was a good price.

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Zeus Arsenal offers an exclusive range of elegant and powerful dry herb vaporizers. Nevertheless, their commitment to making a better, smoother and more exclusive vaping experience results in Zeus Smite Plus and Arc. Smite or Smite Plus. Ranked as Top #2 by CCA in 2018 Smite dry herb vaporizer is compact in design to offer portability. Furthermore, it features glass mouthpiece, anodized aluminum shell, and USB charging it comes with 3 pre-set temperatures. Backed with German technology, Zeus Arsenal's commitment reflects in their products. Most noteworthy, Zeus ARC GT utilizes gold plated chamber whereas Zeus ARC basic uses stainless steel.

Questions & Answers

First time vape user. Don’t think I’m getting enough vapor. I have the Zeus Arc GT on the highest temperature. Any suggestions?

Ensure the screens are cleaning, the flow sink screens do not have residue, be sure to not overpack the chamber, and ensure the flow sink is facing the correct way!

Thomas Wilson
How do I update the Zeus Arc?

Connect the Zeus Arc to your computer and run the Zeus Arc Update after downloading it.

How to clean the Zeus Arc and how often to clean it?

Use the built-in stir tool to empty out the chamber. Use a small brush to clean the chamber and mouthpiece screen every few sessions, and disassemble the mouthpiece after every half dozen sessions or so for full cleaning. Use a Q-Tip soaked in isopropyl alcohol to clean out all areas with grime and residue.

Harrison C.
How to change temperature on Zeus Arc?

Tap the power button once to cycle between the temperature settings – the device is made to have a session on each temperature setting so you have vape 3 bowls! Stir the bowl in between sessions.

How to load the Zeus Arc?

Use a grinder and grind your herb a little more than normal. Not super fine like a dust but a little finer than usual. Load the chamber up fully and press it down just a bit. Inhale slowly over 5-10 seconds and enjoy!

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