The OG Gen 3 from #ThisThingRips is another dab pen from the brand most popular for the R-Series lines of devices. You won’t find any dry herb vapes from the brand with the hashtag. Today we check out the OG Gen 3 dab pen, which features a 650mah battery, big vapor production and is highly portable. Keep on reading our OG Gen 3 wax pen review for all of the details.

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#ThisThingRips Vaporizer Key Features

  • Huge Vapor Clouds
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Good Battery
  • Highly Portable and Discreet
  • Dual Quartz Atomizer

How to use the #ThisThingRips V3?

The Gen 3 model in the OG series is a budget wax pen, and most entry devices of its kind are easy to use. The same holds true with this budget dab pen. 5 clicks of the single button will turn the device on, and three clicks will scroll through temperatures so you can choose which one you want. There is no learning curve at all as far as how to draw in, and using this device is straightforward and simple out of the box. 

ThisThingRips OG Series Gen 3

#ThisThingRips OG Gen 3 Temperature Settings

There are three preset temperatures on the OG Gen 3 dab pen, although we aren’t sure how accurate they actually are. The manufacturer estimates that the three settings are 15-371°C, 371-426°C (59-700°F, 700-800°F), and 426°C+ (800°F+) above. It’s next to impossible to tell if these estimates are precise, but as far as the cloud production, there is no question that the OG Gen 3 gets hot enough for quality concentrate rips. We have found that the best combo of production and flavor is the middle setting with this dab pen. 

#ThisThingRips Heating System and Chamber

The OG Gen 3 has what the manufacturer calls a ‘Lava Quartz Ti’, which is all quartz chamber with two quartz coils. This is pretty standard when it comes to budget wax pens, but the performance as far as vapor production leads to larger clouds than you expect. 

ThisThingRips OG Series Gen 3 Coils

Gen 3 OG Series Vapor Quality

Living up to its brand name, the OG Gen 3 really does rip, producing thick clouds. The OG vapor production is impressive! There aren’t a ton of budget wax pens that give you this level of vapor production, so we were pretty impressed with that. The flavor and smoothness are about average with the OG Gen 3 dab pen – nothing truly special, but not that bad, either. The lowest setting will give some decently tasty vapor. If you want a dab pen with some truly delicious flavor and a lot of smoothness, check out the Utillian 5 wax pen.

Vapor Quality

Battery Life on this Budget Wax Pen

Gen 3 model of the OG Series from #ThisThingRips vapes has a fairly strong 650mah battery that is pretty solid. It will last most consumers a whole day and get you about 5-7 sessions. The manufacturer says the battery will last a full 12 hours, but it’s probably closer to 8 hours. This is perfect for casual tokers, but medical patients might want to check out a device with more battery power like the G Pen Micro Plus.

Aesthetics and Manufacturing Quality

This device has a really solid, durable build. The attractive glossy stainless steel finish feels more like a premium quality dab pen, at a mid-level budget wax pen price. There really aren’t any components that might move around or break down or need replacing – outside of the atomizers. Depending on how you vape, you will probably be replacing the atomizer once a month or so. The kit comes with two up out of the box. 

The OG Gen 3 has 510 threading, which is convenient for portable dab pen consumers. While the pen style is attractive with the OG Gen 3, we think a unit like the Dr. Dabber Stella is a bit better looking.

Manufacturing Quality

Is the #ThisThingRips portable?

It’s a six-inch wax pen, so it’s obviously highly portable. It feels nice in your hand and feels good with the steel finish. The pen cap that comes with it helps increase the level of discreetness, and it looks like your typical e-juice vape. The unit does produce a ton of vapor though, so be aware of any kind of odor that might be coming from it. 

ThisThingRips OG Series Gen 3 Portability & Size

What’s in the #ThisThingRips OG 3 kit?

The OG Gen 3 has a nice kit of accessories. In addition to the device itself, the 650 mah, battery, a mouthpiece, the handy pen-cap cover, a dab tool, an owner’s manual, a USB charger, a storage tray, as well as two dual ‘lava-quartz- Ti atomizers. This is a good amount of accessories, so if you need a quality case that is wear and water-resistant, check out this vape case from Tools420.

All Accessories

How to clean #ThisThingRips OG 3?

Just as it’s easy to operate, the OG Gen 3 is easy to maintain and keep clean. Just soak the atomizer and mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol and remove any excess material from the chamber. Try to do this to the chamber when it’s warm and easier to remove. You will want to run a heat cycle to do a burn off to make sure it’s completely clean.

Ready to be finished with dipping your cotton swabs in iso for good? These handy pre-packaged vaporizer cleaning sticks from Tools420 will make your life easier!

Is ThisThingRips worth it?

The OG Gen 3 model of the OG series from ThisThingRipsVapes produces some serious clouds, is durable and feels good to hold as well as coming with a solid accessories kit. However, it can only vape wax concentrates and the flavor is better on other wax pens. If you want a dab pen that has better flavor for a similar price, check out the Pulsar APX wax vaporizer.

What do you think about our review OG Gen 3 review from ThisThingRips vapes? Is it a best dab pen that you’d consider purchasing? Let us know in the comments.

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ThisThingRips OG Gen 3 Vaporizer Review
ThisThingRips OG Gen 3 Vaporizer Review
Really cool OG Pen slaps for its portability! Learn more about this wax vape pen!