AirVape XS Vaporizer Review

The product in the spotlight today is Apollo’s Airvape XS . This vaporizer has an incredibly thin frame, one of the smallest we have seen. It comes with a ceramic heating chamber, accurate temp control, fully customizable duration time for vaping, as well as a glass mouthpiece. Now let’s break it down and see what we think of it when it’s under a microscope.

How to use the AirVape XS?

So the Airvape XS is actually pretty simple to use. To operate, the glass mouthpiece is removed which exposes the heating chamber. Fill the ceramic chamber with your dry herbs and replace the mouthpiece. Push the power button quickly 3 times to turn the vaporizer on and the display screen will light up and play animation and then switch to the screen for temperature settings. You can set the temperature up to 220 degrees C. The Airvape will start to heat right away, and the temperature you selected will be automatically programmed in for the next time. The vaporizer will buzz when the display temp reaches your selected temperature to notify you that it’s ready to start vaping. Enjoy powerful vapor just by taking draws from the mouthpiece. The Airvape XS comes equipped with a countdown timer; which, after 3 minutes of vaporizing, will automatically turn off the device. However, if you wish to change the shut down time to 5 minutes, you can do so simply by holding the power button and the up arrow button simultaneously. This features helps to preserve the battery, so whenever the time hits 0, the device will turn off.

AirVape XS Temperature Control

This unit’s temperature can be set precisely using the temp control feature, and can be set up to 220 degrees Celsius, giving you a huge temperature range. Most users find between 180C and 215C to be the sweet spot with this device. We give props to vaporizers with this feature because it completely changes the vaping experience of the user with their ability to play with the temperatures to create the perfect individual experience.

AirVape XS Vapor Quality

Mostly thanks to the hybrid conduction & convection heating mechanisms on this device, the vapor quality produced is pretty good. This is also partial thanks to it’s free-flowing airflow. We found that a lot of flavor is produced if you vape with lower temps, whereas if you vape with higher temps, especially pushing the unit to the max, it’s possible to create a fair amount of vapor which will be clearly visible. With the higher temperature scenario however, you will probably find you’ll have harsher more diminished flavor. Make sure you use the silicone sleeve accompanied with this device because the mouthpiece can get very hot if you’re vaping at high temps.

An interesting fact that we must note is that when we vaped with the unit angled in a specific way, the heat from the air caused discomfort in the mouth. The best position we found, was to position the unit so the vapor path is in the center of the mouth not the sides.

Airvape XS Glass Mouthpeice

AirVape Manufacturing Quality

When we removed the device from the packaging, it presented well, and looks to have been engineered with quality in mind. We would compare the exterior design to that of a cell phone because of its sleek stature, trendy display screen and brushed aluminum finish. The Airvape XS is ultra comfortable to hold in your hand, it’s not the least bit bulky. Let’s talk for a minute about the glass mouthpiece. It’s secured in place by a silicone grommet, which we feel may not be the best option, we found it to work well for its purpose, aside from the obvious risk of the silicon loosening with time, or detaching in your pocket.
We like the display screen on this device, as it’s a good size and can be easily read, however we found the lighting to be a bit dim which makes it more difficult for outdoor use.
One feature that is commonly undervalued is the haptic feedback, this is one of our favorites! The device will vibrate to notify the user when their desired temperature has been reached and the unit is ready for vaping. Simply put, this feature just eliminates twiddling of the thumbs and staring at the screen while the unit is heating up which is FANTASTIC!
Now let’s discuss Warranty…we are pretty sure the Airvape’s warranty is the best and first in the industry with a Lifetime Warranty, which is downright impressive, and it proves that this is a great product because Apollo is really standing behind it.

Airvape XS Cermaic Chamber

What’s the AirVape XS Battery Life?

We are impressed that the AirVape XS, with such an ultra thin frame, features a 1300mah battery! It is not only rechargeable, but was also custom made for this device, and they have marketed it as “high quality”. It’s been tested under extreme conditions like thermal, shock/impact, altitude, forced discharge and short circuit, by their engineers. This is just to list a few of the test conducted. We found that with moderate use, the Airvape battery lasted approximately 40 minutes – 50 minutes. Depending on the temperature selected and length of vaping sessions, this can change, but these numbers are average in the market. We always hope for above average, but given its thin design, we are happy that it’s average and not below. For a more modern USB-C charged and swappable 5000mAh battery, be sure to check out out Arizer Air Max Review.

Airvape XS Thin Size

Is the AirVape XS portable?

With its ultra thin design, the AirVape is extremely portable and can be hidden discreetly in a pocket or purse for easy transport. We found that it could easily be mistaken for a smartphone as opposed to a vaporizer. One feature downfall of this device, in regards to portability, is the glass mouthpiece, because of only the silicone grommet holding it in place, it could easily fall off in your pocket or handbag. Apollo has attempted to reduce the gravity of downfall by including a well made, trendy pleather case for transportation. We do have one small issue with the case as well however, because in order to remove the device from the case you need to pull on the mouthpiece, and as we mentioned earlier, it could pop off, and you will need to somehow then remove the mouthpiece from the case. On a positive note, Apollo did think to include a case at no additional cost to the unit, which we found most companies do not!

Airvape XS Thin In Hand


The AirVape is considered a discreet vaporizer in the sense that it can be easily hidden away, and at first glance it has a tendency to resemble a cell phone, however, most people will know exactly what it is once you start to use it, so discreetness goes out the window. The vapor itself, produced by this device, is not too aromatic, however because this unit has a lot of airflow, there is a higher risk for fumes escaping when you’re using it, so we suggest vaping down wind or somewhere private. For a more discreet pure convection vaporizer, you might consider the XMAX V3 Pro.

AirVape XS Ease of Use Review

This device is extremely easy to use because of the LCD display screen, easy temperature control and the haptic feedback feature. Literally, all you have to do is pack in your herbs, attach the mouthpiece, turn the device on, set your temp and its ready, set, vape.

We believe that the maintenance of the Airvape vaporizer should be rather easy as well. The most difficult part here is the metal filter in the silicone grommet under the mouthpiece because it’s very small and has 2 parts which may be challenging to put back. Aside from that issue, the device is very easy to clean and maintain.

Airvape XS Side View

Overall Experience

We really enjoyed the experience and were quite impressed with the Airvape XS. We love the ultra thin design (thinnest on the market currently), and the heating system which produces flavor-packed vapor at low temps and thick vapor at higher temps. The LCD screen and accurate temperature control are features that we love, because you have complete control over your vaping sessions. The battery life was okay (average), however we are okay trading that for the Ultra Slender design. We can’t deny that we would prefer the glass mouthpiece was secured differently, but we didn’t not have a negative experience while testing.

In a nutshell, if portability and quality vapor is what is important to you, the AirVape XS is a good match for you, and it will definitely give you what you need. In modern times though, it is blown out of the water by more up-to-date portable dry herb vaporizers like the G Pen Elite 2.

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AirVape XS Vaporizer Review
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AirVape XS Vaporizer Review
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