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In this review of the Flowermate V5 Nano and AirVape X, we’ll be going over the key features of each dry herb vaporizer including their amazing hybrid heating systems. Along with what comes in the kits unique features, we will be looking at which vaporizer offers better features like battery life, chamber size, ease of, maintenance and more.

Flowermate V5 Nano VS AirVape X Comparison Overview

Both of these dry herb vaporizers share the quality of unique kits. While the AirVape X takes on more of an iPod type design, the V5 Nano has a more traditional glass stem design. The Airvape features a larger chamber and redesigned mouthpiece over its older model. Read on to learn how they compare to one another and other portable vaporizers.

Flowermate v5 Nano vs Airvape X dry herb vaporizer built quality

V5 Nano vs Airvape X: What’s in the box?

1 x Flowermate Nano 1 x AirVape X
1 x Glass Mouthpiece 1 x USB Charger
1 x  Lithium-ion 18650 – 2500mAh Battery 1 x Packing Tool
1 x Loading Funnel 1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Liquid/Extract Canister 1 x Screen Set
1 x Dry Herb Canister 1 x Tweezers
5 x Stainless Steel Screens 1 x Case/Shell
1 x Packing & Dabbing Tool
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Vaporizer Pouch
User Manual


AirVape X vs V5 Nano Ease of Use

The Flowermate V5 Nano can be turned by pressing the power button five times followed by haptic feedback and the illuminating of its OLED screen. With use of medium grind and the loading tool included in the kit, all you’ll have to do is select the temperature and then hold the power button down for a few seconds. With a heat up time of thirty to forty seconds, haptic feedback will let you know when it’s ready to be inhaled. The AirVape X is also very easy to use. The mouthpiece is connected magnetically and the digital display is very easy to use and understand to turn the device on and set the temperature. It will automatically begin heating to your last set temperature, but you can change this with the up and down arrows to your desired temperature. When it’s heated up, the AirVape X will vibrate. Then, just take a rip and enjoy!

Flowermate v5 Nano vs Airvape X Filling chamber comparison

Temperature Settings

The V5 Nano has a wide temperature range of 40C-230C (104°F – 446°F) that can easily be controlled with the up and down arrows on the vaporizer. Like the AirVape X, there is a bright OLED screen to display information. The black ceramic chamber will get excellent vapor quality out of any temperature setting with a middle range of 200C being the best mix of vapor quality and production. With a hybrid heating oven and high temperature settings, the Nano really packs a punch for its price point.

With a wide range of temperature settings itself, the AirVape has a great range of 93°C – 220°C (199.4°F – 428°F). The great thing about these two vaporizers is how much they stand out to their competitors at their pricepoints. For example in comparison to the PAX 3 and Zeus ARC GT which are more expensive and only have three or four pre-set temperature settings. The AirVape X also boats a very fast heat-up time of only twenty seconds.

Flowermate v5 Nano vs Airvape X user interface

Heating System and Chamber Size

Both vaporizers make use of hybrid heating, meaning a combination of convection and conduction heating. On the AirVape X, the chamber is made from ceramic and you can pack about 0.3g of dry herb cannabis into it. The V5 Nano chamber shares the same quality of having a black ceramic chamber. The combination of ceramic chambers and hybrid heating is a rare combination that really up the vapor quality apart from slightly cheaper vapes like the GPen Dash. As the V5 Nano comes in at just 4 inches tall, the chamber is fittingly only 0.25g.

Flowermate V5 Nano VS AirVape X Vapor Quality Comparison

For the portability and cost of each vaporizer, they deliver some stellar vapor quality. However, the glass stem mouthpiece on the V5 Nano ups the useability and acts as a air cooler for overall better hits than the AirVape X. While both vaporizers can get to very high temperatures, this really isn’t needed as the hybrid ovens can get a lot of vapor extraction at lower temperatures. However, the AirVape X does lag a little bit behind in terms of flavor. Maybe this is because of the twenty seconds heat up time, but the flavor is not as good to a comparable device like the Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer that costs almost the same as the AirVape X but has much more smooth hits and battery life.

The one thing the AirVape X does is that it comes with a concentrate / liquid pad, which is a nice addition to the kit for its overall cost.

Flowermate V5 Nano VS AirVape X Battery Comparison

On the Flowermate V5 Nano vaporizer, you’ll have access to swappable 2500mAh batteries that make it a great choice for vaping on the go. Despite the battery life not being the best, that is understandable given its small stature, but the swappable aspect does make up for it in a big way. As these batteries can be picked up for just around 15 dollars, this is an awesome trait of this petite vaporizer. Overall, expect only thirty minutes of use out of a full V5 Nano charge.

Similarly, the AirVape X battery only has a mere 1300mAh battery that is pass-thru charging enabled. For an average user, this translates to five quick sessions before needing a recharge. Unless you plan on carrying a batter pack to charge with on the go, this sets the vape back quite a bit for its portability. For this reason, you might want to pick up something like a Utillian 722 instead.

Flowermate v5 Nano vs Airvape X battery options

Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality

The V5 Nano is made of an anodized aluminum and shiny black glass. Although it might not be the best looking vape admittedly,  the buttons and threading are well integrated and it feels good in the hand to use. The AirVape X uses a stainless steel build that is extremely durable. The mouthpiece feels great and the ceramic heating work well together.

Flowermate v5 Nano vs Airvape X charging method

Portability & Discreetness

The Flowermate V5 Nano is an overall extremely portable vaporizer. The glass stem and matte black metal design is very sleek and won’t arouse any unwanted attention in public. Especially as the ceramic heating element uses hybrid heating, there will also be hardly any cannabis smell from vaporizing. The AirVape X is very slim, but is kind of a disaster in the aesthetics department, with its logo being plastered all over the device and shiny metallic design. People might think it’s an old iPod, but overall, its a disaster and will attract some stares despite its odorless vapor.

Flowermate V5 Nano VS AirVape X Kit Comparison

Considering each vaporizer’s affordable price tags, there is a lot of accessories included in their kits. Let’s review the key features that set them apart from each other and their competition:

With the Flowermate V5 Nano kit, you’ll quality glass mouthpiece, a wax and dry herb cannister, 5 stainless steel screens, a funnel loading tool and a convenient carrying pouch. These are some awesome inclusions compared to competitors’ minimalist kits. The V5 Nano also comes with a 1-year warranty.

When it comes to the AirVape X key accessories, you’ll get a tool for packing, a screen set, and an exterior shell. The shell works like a phone protector and makes the vaporizer waterproof and is well designed and sleek. On a plus side, AirVape products comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


The AirVape X is one of the smallest vaporizers on the market with excellent heating abilities, but is held back drastically by its poor battery that will get even worse with time. Compared to the Arizer Air 2 or the Utillian 722, it’s left in the dust for vapor quality. On the V5 Nano, you have an awesome portable vaporizer that packs a smooth punch with ceramic hybrid heating and a glass stem mouthpiece. Although the chamber and battery is a bit small, the swappable battery makes up for some of this weakness and makes it a very competitive mid-range portable cannabis vaporizer!

What do you think about our AirVape X review? Do you own the device? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments.

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