This KandyPens Elite is a portable vaporizer for use with waxes and other concentrates. It features a slick, compact, discreet design and comes in different color options. The KandyPens Elite is a bit more expensive than other wax pens on the market today but is it a good choice for your concentrate vaporization needs? You be the judge.

Battery on the KandyPens Elite

Much like the other units manufactured by the KandyPens brand, the Elite is powered by 650mAh battery that is classified under the ‘eGo’ variety. The Elite takes about two to three hours to fully charge, and lasts about two hours or so of continuous vaping. The battery is backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, which is a rarity.

Using the KandyPens Elite

It doesn’t get any easier than the KandyPens Elite when it comes to vaping your favorite concentrates. To start vaping, power up the unit by hitting the button five times. If you want to choose one of the four temperature settings, hit the button three times. As long as you attach everything correctly, the carb is located in a good place for getting tasty vape rips. The Elite scores highly when it comes to airflow, and if you utilize the well-placed air carb, you will blow thick clouds with each of the atomizers. When covered, the carb does make a bit of a whistling sound, which can be annoying for other users; others might find it mildly amusing.

When you’re ready to swap out an atomizer for the other one, just remove it and attach the other – simple. You can swap out the atomizers and use them with other models made by the KandyPens brand. The Elite wax pen features two different atomizers – one is a quartz dual coil and the other is a coil-less atomizer made of ceramic.

Vapor and Build Quality of the KandyPens Elite

The Elite wax pen features two different atomizers – one is a quartz dual coil and the other is a coil-less atomizer made of ceramic. To ensure the best vaping experience, we recommend vaping at the two lower temperatures with the dual quartz atomizer; and we think you should use the two highest settings with the coil-less atomizer made from ceramic. 

When it comes to the temperature options for the majority of wax pens on the market today, you’ll be hard pressed to find one that uses more than 3 temperature settings – the Elite uses four. The lowest setting (pink light) almost doesn’t matter, however, because 149 degrees Celsius is a bit too low to get any kind of big clouds from your concentrates anyway. But if you’re someone who likes to take minimalist rips, maybe the lowest setting is for you. The temperature range on the KandyPens Elite is approximately 149, 177, 199 and 221 degrees Celsius. A nice, bright light indicates which of the four temperature settings you’re at: the pink light means very low, the red light means low, the green light means medium, and the blue light is the very high setting.

KandyPens Elite Coils v2

There has been a bit of controversy over exactly why the KandyPens Elite is leak proof. The official website for the brand states that they do not use glue, but several experts claim this is untrue. With most atomizers on the majority of wax pens, you’ll inevitably get a small amount of concentrate that will leak into the battery. The reason is, there are holes located in the cup where you fill your delicious concentrates, in order for the coils to attach properly to the device’s battery. If KandyPens is truly leak proof, how is this possible? Some vape enthusiasts say the device uses glue. This is something we are investigating further, but if you have any insight on the matter, we would love to hear it in the comments.

Should you need to replace either coil, they both cost around $25 from the manufacturer’s website. Sometimes you can get one for $20, which is still a bit pricy in the eyes of most users, especially when shipping and handling is factored into the equation.

KandyPens Elite Coils

Just like with most wax pens, we recommend vaping small amounts of concentrates at a time in order to make sure you’re getting the highest quality vape hits possible.

What Comes With the KandyPens Elite?

The KandyPens Elite wax pen vaporizer is available in either metallic-looking gold finishes, or a solid white finish with gold. As we said, the unit comes with two atomizers. In addition, it includes a dabber tool, a decent carrying case, and of course a USB charger. The battery on the Elite features a lifetime warranty, which is an impressive rarity.


  • Durable exterior that will resist scratches and dings
  • Above average vapor quality and production
  • Lifetime warranty on the battery
  • Sleek, discreet design
  • Four temperature settings


  • Can only vape concentrates
  • Experts say the unit is leak-proof because the device has glue
  • Replacing the atomizers can get pricy fast, and it might even be a better option to purchase a new unit
  • Very similar to other KandyPens units, not a lot of diverse product options

What are your thoughts on the KandyPens Elite? Do you own one or have you used one before? Are we on point as far as our assessment of the wax pen, or did we miss a few things? Let us know in the comments. We always like to hear what you think

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KandyPens Elite Vaporizer Review
KandyPens Elite Vaporizer Review
Learn more about the KandyPens elite vape that packs a nice punch!