Mighty Cooling Unit

Key Features

  • Acts as a longer vapor pathway for more cooling
  • Includes a filter to prevent bud from entering the mouthpiece
  • Made from medical grade plastic like the rest of the vaporizer
  • Choose between Mighty Cooling Unit / Mighty Cooling Unit (3 pack)

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Product Specifications

Storz and Bickel Mighty+ Cooling Unit

By stocking up on extra Mighty Plus Vaporizer Cooling Units, you’ll be able to spend more time vaping, and less time cleaning. Save yourself money by buying a pack of three, and then clean them all on one day to save yourself time and energy.

Cooling Vapor Pathway

As an official Storz and Bickel accessory made from heat-resistant and medical-grade PEEK plastic, the Mighty Cooling Unit allows for transferring of heat from your vapor to the mouthpiece so that your vapor comes out less harsh. However, they are prone to resin buildups with time. For cleaning, we recommend picking up Vape Cleaning Sticks to remove resin from the filter for easy occasional wipe downs.

Mighty Plus Accessories

What's in the box

  • Mighty Cooling Unit / Mighty Cooling Unit (3 pack)

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Mighty Cooling Unit
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    Picked up a three-pack which really saves time to clean them all at once. To save even more time I just put them in some Orange Chronic which really nukes buildup off after a hot water rinse in way less time than alcohol. Thanks to Lucas for the tip. Definitely make sure to take off the O-Rings, though.

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