Utillian 722 Vaporizer Review

Author Rating: 8.5/10

Ease of Use: 9/10
Temperature Settings: 9/10
Chamber & Heating System: 9/10
Vapor Quality: 9/10
Battery Life: 8/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 7/10

The Utillian brand of vaporizers has a long history of producing quality units that don’t break the bank. The 722 from Utillian vapes is an upgrade over its sibling the Utillian 721, featuring a slick new look, better airflow, and higher temperature options. Is it better than the older version? Keep reading our Utillian 722 vaporizer review for all the details.

What’s in the box?

Along with the unit itself, the Utillian 722 comes with a cleaning brush, tweezers, a wax tool, and a USB cable. The Utillian 722 vaporizer also comes with a 1-year warranty. 

Utillian 722 Accessories

How to Use the Utillian 722?

Just like its siblings, the Utillian 722 is a dry herb vaporizer that is extremely easy to use. There is only one button to press to operate this vaporizer. Just pop off the top, load your herbs, and hit the single button five times. The device takes less than 30 seconds to heat up, which is pretty quick. 

While the unit is on, two clicks of the power button will let you toggle through the temperature settings. Pressing and holding the button will put the Utillian 722 into its boost mode. This will quickly heat the unit up to 225°C/437°F. The 722 from Utillian vapes can also vape concentrates with the included wax canister.

Utillian 722 front profile with mouth piece extended

722 Temperature Settings

There are four pre-set temperatures on the Utillian 722 vape: 180°C, 190°C, 200°C and 210°C (356°F-374°F-392°F-410°F) and these temperatures are color coded in the same order as Green, Blue, Purple and Red. For a device that is closer to premium than most, we would have liked to see precision temperature controls, but the boost mode does make up for that a little bit. The boost mode quickly heats up the device to 225°C/437°F, which is a great way to finish off your session. The best hits come with the 190°C/374°F and 200°C/392°F settings to start off your session and with boost mode finishing it off. We get into more details about the vapor production in Utillian 722 Vapor Quality section.

Utillian 722 top profile with LED

Utillian 722 Heating System and Chamber Size

The chamber on the Utillian 722 is made of stainless steel. The heating system is convection, which is a noticeable upgrade over conduction vaporizers. Convection heating is a welcome feature for a device that is this affordable as convection vaporizers produce smoother and more flavorful vapor. This unit can fit 0.3 grams of the herb in the chamber, which is a nice size. 

Utillian 722 filling chamber filled and tools included

Utillian 722 Vapor Quality

The flavor and smoothness of the Utillian 722 is solid. It’s not the absolute best when it comes to vapor quality and taste, but it is definitely above average. For a budget convection vaporizer, we were pretty happy with this unit. As far as vapor production, you would be hard-pressed to find a vaporizer that produces bigger clouds than the 722. There is a trick to getting really good vapor with the 722. Fill up the chamber but don’t pack it too tight as it can reduce airflow and you don’t want to restrict the airflow. Turn the unit on at 190°C/374°F or 200°C/392°F, wait until it heats up, then take steady long draws between 5-7 seconds long. You’ll feel your lungs fill up. We found we got really great vapor with this method even at 180°C/356°F.

For the price of this budget portable vaporizer and what it is, we were happy with the vapor flavor and smoothness and very impressed with its cloud production.

Utillian 722 laying down

Utillian 722 Bubblers

An excellent way of upgrading vapor quality that the Utillian 722 is capable of is attaching a bubbler. The 14mm Whip Bubbler fits perfectly in the mouthpiece slot and adds not only a smooth and enjoyable experience but a variety to vaping that wasn’t there before.

How is the Utillian 722 battery?

The 2300mah battery on the Utillian 722 is decent, it’s about an hour. Most consumers will get about an hour of continuous usage out of the 722. We’ve seen longer battery life like the Zeus ARC GTS with 1.5 hours or the Mighty+ Vape with 2+ hours, but those units come with a price increase as well. 722’s battery is internal, but it can be charged via micro-USB, which is convenient and easy for just about everybody.  

There is an LED light at the bottom of the 722 that indicates your battery life starting from green being fully charged to yellow half charged and red meaning only 10% of battery left before the device runs out of juice.

Utillian 722 charing port, air flow hole and mouth piece screen

Utillian 722 discreetness

The 722 has a design that is square and very comfortable in the hand. The new 722 seems sleeker with a better build that is comprised of a rubberized aluminum coating. There are two color options – black and gunmetal. The black version has a rubberized finish, while the gunmetal version has a solid aluminum exterior. 

This is not a device that you will need to worry about breaking in case of an accidental drop. For such an affordable price, we were impressed with the build quality of the Utillian 722. Either color is going to be very stealthy in public, especially since the convection heating will reduce the scent of your vaporizing. 

Utillian 722 Front profile

Utillian 722 Vaporizer Portability

The 722 fits pretty easily in most pockets, but it’s not the smallest vaporizer out there. It’s just about the same size as the previous version the 721. If you are looking for a great way to protect your Utillian 722, check out this water and wear-resistant vape case.

As far as discreetness goes, it doesn’t stand out as being an obvious vaporizer. It can be relatively concealed in the palm of your hand. However, the vapor production is high with this one, especially on the high settings. You will be blowing large clouds with the 722, which could draw quite a bit of attention unless operating the unit at lower temps and taking shorter draws. 

Utillian 722 Portability

How to Clean the Utillian 722?

Like all of the units from Utillian vapes, the 722 is easy to keep clean. Just take some cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol to the mouthpiece and the heating chamber. Doing this will remove bacteria and debris. If you are looking for a way to keep your vapes clean without having to dip your cotton swabs in alcohol. Check out these vaporizer cleaning sticks to make your life easier. 

Utillian 722 Key Features

  • Great Vapor Quality
  • Solid Battery Life
  • Boost Mode 225°C (437°F)  
  • Convection Heating
  • Can Vape Dry Herbs and Concentrates

Pros / Cons

+Good cloud production for the affordability
+Ergonomic and stylish design
+Easy to use 
+Easy chamber access and cleaning
+Included maintenance tools in the kit
+Fast heat-up times

-Limited temperature options
-No pass thru charging
-No USB-C port

Bottom Line

For a device that is this affordable, the Utillian 722 vaporizer is a solid choice for newbies and for experienced vape consumers looking for a convection device that can vape concentrates as well as dry herbs. The vapor flavor and quality aren’t the absolute best on the market when it comes to portable vaporizers, but it is certainly solid and the vapor production on this unit is very good. The fact that the maximum temperature has also been upgraded is a welcomed addition with the 722. The battery life is decent but still has room for improvements. We would also prefer a device that offers precision temperature controls, but the boost mode of the 722 helps with that as well. 

Another device that we feel is a good comparison for the 722 is the Crafty+. They both are convection vaporizers, same battery life, similar in size but some minor differences like the temperature options and vapor flavor is slightly better on the Crafty, but the 722 is more affordable.

What do you think about our Utillian 722 review? What is the best portable dry herb vaporizer? Is it this one? Let us know in the comments.

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Utillian 722 Vaporizer Review
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Utillian 722 Vaporizer Review
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17 comments on Utillian 722 Vaporizer Review

  1. Avatar for Joe P. Joe P. says:

    First 1 broke on me (not my fault) so I sent it into customer service and they were really quick and nice to deal with. Have a second one for a few months now and I think it’s a perfect device!

  2. Avatar for Aaron H. Aaron H. says:

    This was the best price I found online for this weed vape and a friend had it so I wanted to buy one. Now my girlfriend uses it all the time and I actually find it in her purse all the time. I think ill get another one but until then does anyone know a better weed vape they would suggest? Thank you

  3. Avatar for Dexter H. Dexter H. says:

    I think this is a pretty realistic review and I agree with all the points here

  4. Avatar for Dylan L. Dylan L. says:

    How does is this Utillian 722 vape vs crafty vape do? I have the 722 but a lot of people say on reddit that the mighty and crafty vapes are the best and im really trying to think of which is the best vape. For now I don’t think I want to upgrade maybe Ill get a glass bong for it but overall its good.

  5. Avatar for Justin L. Justin L. says:

    Mmm so I just vaped 0.2 of Blue Dream and 0.2g of Jean Guy back2back in this thing and ooo it hits really hard! A good trick I found is to not load the vape so much I used to pack a lot in there but now I use a little less and it works way way better!

  6. Avatar for Edward M. Edward M. says:

    Good vape. good price I think im happy and I got a free gift which saved me some money so I cant complain thanks alot!!

  7. Avatar for tucker james tucker james says:

    best vape out there, I have the arizer solo and atmos pillar but this one hits a home run while those others get you on 2nd base for the same price.

  8. Avatar for Joseph D. Joseph D. says:

    Im thinking of buying this vape is it good or whats better? I don’t mind spending a lil more money if its actually worth it. I don’t need Bluetooth apps and stuff

    1. Avatar for Tools420 Tools420 says:

      If you don’t need the Bluetooth apps and other gadgets then the 722 is a very good vape. It comes very close to the Crafty+. If you’re looking for something with better flavour and smoothness then the Crafty+ or the Mighty. The Firefly 2+ is really good for producing smooth and flavourful vapor too but you don’t get thick clouds with the FF2+. I hope this information is useful. 🙂

  9. Avatar for John G. John G. says:

    I’d like to add some further comments to this review. I believe this to be a pretty good vaporizer and from my experience it works will less than the oven than more. I think this is due to airflow dynamics and the transfer of heat from the air to the herb.
    So a trick I would recommend is to lightly pack your herb, rather not so much that its flying around everywhere in the chamber but I think so its easy for air to flow through.
    If I had to buy it again I would also get a portable power bank because my battery dies at some point in the day if im smoking a lot. Overall it’s a good device but I think I will upgrade soon.

  10. Avatar for Harry R. Harry R. says:

    Compact, portable ,about the size of a small power bank. I like the straw mouthpiece its like sipping form a juice box but instead it’s a weed box! I take it into hockey games in the stadium no problem and most people look at it like an e-cig.

  11. Avatar for Steven P Steven P says:

    I bought a Utillian 722 vape but still can’t clean it out properly. Any tips and tricks to help me clean it a little better please?

    1. Avatar for Tools420 Tools420 says:

      I suggest cleaning your device regularly to avoid residue building up. Best way to clean it is to use alcohol wipes or soak paper towel or a q-tip in isopropyl and clean the inside of the chamber, magnetic cap, mouthpiece and you can soak the screen in iso as well. Here is a detailed guide on how to clean your dry herb vaporizer

  12. Avatar for Cris Cris says:

    Hello friends, yesterday I bought a 722, I liked it a lot, but I have a question, it is normal that it has a small noise, sound as soon as I turn it on. I would appreciate the information.

    1. Avatar for Tools420 Tools420 says:

      Hi Cris, the clicking sound is normal. It’s the chamber expanding and contracting.

  13. Avatar for Matthew Jones Matthew Jones says:

    Lost my 722’s cap on its first hike. Popped off mid drag and I couldn’t catch it in time!

  14. Avatar for Mandy H. Mandy H. says:

    Bought one a few months ago from Tools420. It was my first time dealing with them, but they had the best price at the time on the 722 and my local shop only had the 721. I do like it. I don’t use it quite as much currently though. I have to buy some better cleaning tools just for the quick swab. Even with the wider mouthpiece on the 722 (a big reason I chose it), the mouthpiece still really clogs up and a regular q-tip doesn’t fit in the mouthpiece. I know that the replacement mouthpieces are cheap, so I should just do the quick soak in iso and then rinse well, but generally it’s the only thing that really gets gummed up other than the screens, and those are easy to clean. I however recently bought a HighFive Duo, and it’s awesome. Pricey, but not as much as some, especially for the quality. The dry herb attachment is about to be released though. It’s a beauty for concentrates, and I know I could use the wax canister for this vapourizer. But the water pipe addition makes things much smoother. So currently on the fence if I’ll keep both. The Utilian is much more portable,even if the Duo came with a special carrying bag. But as a free gift with my Utillian I also got a nice little bag for it. This all being said, it’s a really good product. I tried some cheap vaporizers and I didn’t like them. Most got so hot I’d almost burn my hand. The convection is the key here though. Mostly just wish there was an adapter kit for the 722. I’d much prefer a glass mouthpiece unless travelling and could then just swap. If travelling a portable battery backup would be a good investment. Battery life is decent but it’s only for a session or two. Still good product, and I had good service from Tools420.

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