Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

Is the Da Buddha Vaporizer worth it?

Hey everyone, Tools420 here back with another dry herb desktop vape review! Today we’ll be looking at the Da Buddha from the 7th floor – A desktop vape that is a fan favorite for its convection heating and unique whip design. It’s easy to use design and temp. dial make it fun for beginners and connoisseurs alike to use but in this review, we’ll be going over these key features and more to help you decide if this is the right purchase for you or not!

Da Buddha

What’s in the Da Buddha kit?

  • x1 Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer
  • x1 Hemp carrying case
  • x10 Replacement screens
  • x1 Glass whip kit
  • x1 Stainless Steel Marble Pick
  • x1 3-foot silicone whip
Da Buddha accessories

Da Buddha Vaporizer Key Features

  • Ceramic convection heating element
  • glass-on-glass connections for flavor and easy cleaning
  • Adjustable temperature dial
  • Durable aluminum body
  • High-quality hemp carrying case
  • Add on an Aromatherapy Dish for wax and oil melts so you can keep your house smelling wonderful 24/7

How does the Da Buddha vaporizer work?

Basically, this desktop vaporizer is like an Arizer Extreme Q if it was on crack and crashed into a bridge – Except it was a Volvo and didn’t take much damage. By that, we mean it works with a glass stem chamber that works similar to the Arizer Solo 2, except the glass is attached on one end of the silicone whip, and a glass mouthpiece on the other. With a heat dial, there is some guesswork involved to know what temperature you’re at, and the metal design will be heavier than you’re expecting as we’ll discuss later.

Da Buddha insert

Da Buddha convection heating

The DBV features a powerful ceramic heating element, and it does allow you to set the temperature to the optimal level for whatever you’re vaping. One thing to keep in mind is that there are no numbers on the dial, so it is hard to know the exact temperature of the chamber is.

Is the Da Buddha portable?

The Da Buddha is a very similar size to the EQ in regards to being about the same size as a small upright toaster. At 8 inches tall and 3½ pounds, it’s a bit of a chunker to carry around before your sessions. The only real downside compared to the EQ in terms of portability would be the side slotted insert-chamber, as opposed to the cyclone bowl on the EQ, which can easily be lifted off with Tuff Grips (rubber cooling pads) and then sat back down. In other words, the chamber and hot glass are much more of a liability on the Da Buddha than it is on the EQ as they can be prone to falling out and then breaking.

Can you use concentrates in the Da Buddha?

You can put a dab on the heating end of your dry herb for decent extraction. Just know that using only a dab will cause you to not get much noticeable vapor.

Vapor Quality

You’ll be able to get good clouds at 3 o’clock on the heating dial. Anything less, and you won’t be getting any cloud production, and any more and you’ll be getting harsh tokes. By our estimates, the lower end is around 300F / 150C, 3 o’clock is around 380F / 193C , and maximum is close to 450F / 232 C. For a big boost to vapor quality, we can recommend picking up a DynaVap waterpipe adapter that will let you use your Da Buddha on any 10, 14, or 18mm female bong. Our favorite would be the 14mm curved tip bubbler for some added bubbling fun and vapor cooling.

Must be plugged in

The Da Buddha makes use of a 110V wall plug for North America that is close to ten feet long, which will help you with some cable management in terms of trip prevention. As an E Rig alternative with concentrate and dry herb capabilities, you might consider the Dr. Dabber Switch which comes equipped with a 3000mAh and different ceramic cups for your dabs or loose flower. With a temperature range of 400F-800F, you’ll have a lot more success than the rice grains you’ll be able to place into the small chamber of the Da Buddha.

How to use the Da Buddha vape?

Grind up your dry herb with a medium grinder, and then either load it as you normally would by funnel or hand, or suck on one end of the tubing to load in the frosted tip to 1/3rd capacity. The glass filter works similar to Arizer devices, so you won’t want to use a fine grind as it can cause a clog.

After your chamber is loaded, plug it into the heater hole in the body of the vaporizer and turn the dial on. You’ll know it’s working when you see the white or red hot ceramic heating elements begin to glow by the chamber. For normal use, you’ll want to wait about three minutes as your dry herb is heated up to respectable temperatures. After several minutes of use, you’ll notice the vapor quality beginning to trail off. To help, remove the chamber and stir with your included pick to get the green uncooked herbs to the top, and your cooked weed to the bottom.

One of the best things we can recommend during your sessions is to temperature step by beginning on a low temperature and then slowly raising the heat dial for a more even THC extraction and overall better experience, still stirring halfway through your session.

Arizer Extreme Q vs. Da Buddha Vaporizer

The Arizer Extreme Q hands down is the better desktop vaporizer. With the included remote, balloons, and information display, you simply get a lot more for a more affordable price tag. The glass chamber on the Da Buddha only clocks in at a maximum of 0.2g compared to 0.5g on the EQ or XQ2, which has an upgraded LED light display and improved balloon function over the original model, while still being cheaper than the Da Buddha.

On the XQ2, you’ll have access to the LED light strip at the base of the vaporizer which can be either used to display relevant information like heating or cooling, or simply for mood lighting.

Da Buddha vs Arizer Extreme Q

How to clean the Da Buddha vaporizer?

The main parts of the Da Buddha to keep clean will be the glass stem chamber, the mouthpiece, and the silicone whip. For the two glass ends on the silicone whip, you’ll be able to get by for the most part with only cleaning sticks and alcohol wipes


7th Floor offers a 3-year warranty on the electrical parts of the DBV, and a 30-day warranty on the glass due to manufacturer defects. Glass is not covered due to accidents. 7th Floor, LLC is also not responsible for shipping charges when repairing parts for servicing.

Pros and Cons


  • Decent cloud production
  • Affordable
  • Good quality glass connection pieces
  • Lovely included mouthpiece
  • Fast heating and cloud production on maximum heat, which can then be dialed down for the remainder of the session
  • Easy to use and setup


  • Mandatory stirring of the glass stem chamber, at least once a session
  • Limited included accessories
  • No fan or balloons
  • Heat dial is guesswork compared to an LED screen on modern desktop vaporizers

Overall a good vape but I really like easy things this vapes need my help as it demands stirring dry herbs often to prevent burning, due to uneven heating. and also is a downside is it doesn’t have a temperature display of any kind. This means you are unable to tell the exact temperature you are vaporizing at which sucks.


If you’re looking for a unique desktop vape, then be our guest and pick yourself up a Da Buddha. If you’re a fan of convenience, ease of use, and proper medicinal practicality, do yourself a favor and get an Arizer Extreme Q or Arizer XQ2.

While the Da Buddha is easy to get up and running out of the box with its four parts, it’s just a bland experience. You won’t be able to have fun perfecting the perfect balloon setup, and you’ll be limited to additional sold separately bong adapters and bongs for any kind of session creativity. While you’ll be able to get decent hits from its super durable build and carry it in its sleek included hemp bag, it’s just way too much of a novelty to be purchased as an actual daily driver – There are simply much better options these days. Whether that be a Mighty+ or Volcano Hybrid as an alternative, technology has simply passed the Buddha by since its release back in 2006.

Did we miss anything? Have a different opinion? Let us know in the comments section with any feedback you have! As always – To health and high times!

Da Buddha Vaporizer Review
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Da Buddha Vaporizer Review
Today we'll be looking at the Da Buddha from the 7th floor. A desktop vape that is a fan favorite for its convection heating. It's easy to use design and whip making it awesome for beginners and connoisseurs alike. In this review, we'll be going over this key feature and more to help you decide if this is the right purchase for you or not.
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