Mighty+ vs Mighty Vaporizer Review

With the recent release of the Mighty+ (Plus) Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel, It’s an excellent time to look back at the original Mighty to review the key differences between these two great dry herb vapes. The Mighty and the Mighty Plus are handheld, portable vaporizers offering excellent vapor quality with dry herb and concentrate capabilities. The most significant upgrades to the Mighty+ are the USB-C charging and  Ceramic Bowl at face value. For the most part, many of the changes are subtle. However, let’s take a deeper look at our Mighty vs Mighty+ review tests and comparisons to see what makes these top picks in the best portable vaporizer category.

Mighty+ (Plus) Kit Differences

Mighty vaporizers were initially designed for medicinal users with ease of use and durability in mind. Both dry herb vapes have a minimum number of buttons and an LED screen that are very easy to see and understand.  They both use hybrid conduction and convection heat that keeps the product from overheating due to excellent airflow and heat distribution.

What comes in their boxes?

  • The Mighty+ unit
  • Charging cable
  • 3 spare sets of screens and seal rings
  • Dosing capsule
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual
  • Grinder (OG Mighty only)
  • Loading Kit (OG Mighty only)
  • Liquid Mesh Pad (OG Mighty only)

What is in the box for the Mighty+ Vaporizer

The Mighty+ seems to be designed explicitly for vaping connoisseurs looking for a quality upgrade to their daily vaporizing. Although each device is expertly manufactured, the Mighty+ has been fitted with several upgrades to the base kit. Despite this, the original equipment is slightly better for beginners or those who don’t already own Storz & Bickel accessories.

The Mighty’s kit includes an additional grinder, loading tool, and liquid mesh pad for concentrates. What’s notable about the loading tool is that it works in harmony with the grinder to perfectly load up the chamber or loading capsule. This makes the job fool and crumb-free. This could be a significant selling point for those with motor issues or a lack of experience loading chambers.  Both vape kits come with a dosing capsule, extra O-Rings, and a brush. For the Mighty+, the Mighty Filling Aid can be purchased separately.

Mighty vs Mighty+ top profiles

Storz & Bickel Medical Grade Plastic Designs

Side by side, and hit by hit, there is little to tell the two dry herb vaporizers apart from another. Each vape has an all-black matte exterior with a finned design to help keep it cool. Each has an LCD screen – Although, the Plus’s screen is slightly brighter and easier to view. Both have essentially the same medical-grade plastic exterior casing, so they look very similar to one another. However, the grooves on the Mighty+ are a slightly better option for cleaning and gripping during sessions. They are more spread apart and less deep, allowing for less dust buildup and more room for Q-Tips to get the grime out while cleaning.

Cosmetic differences do include bright orange buttons on the Plus, versus grey buttons on the Mighty. The Mighty+ changes also better match the color scheme for the product name’s graphics on the front and top of the device. The grooves have also been slightly angled to be more aesthetic compared to the horizontal lines on the original.

Storz & Bickle Mighty+ and Mighty front comparison upclose

Mighty Vaporizers Heating

Both Mighty vaporizers feature amazing heating qualities compared to other portable dry herb vapes on the market. On the Mighty+ and Mighty, you can expect a very nice AVB hue and never a burning smell even at max temperatures. As well, despite the oven power, they have no detrimental effect on the battery. The Mighty+ (Plus) uses a hybrid heating system like the Mighty vape that reduces heat-up times through passing conduction heat to the ceramic bowl as well as convection hot air through the herbs in the chamber. The result on both Mighty vapes is a well-cooked product that captures all of the potential vapor in your product.

Mighty+ USB-C vs Mighty USB-A

Both Mighty Vaporizers have a double lithium-ion battery. Each vape can be used while charging but the original’s battery life is better.  The Mighty+ has improved heat-up times and charging, but this came at the cost of battery longevity. The Mighty+ has been upgraded to include USB-C charging. With a supercharging USB-C port capability (sold separately), this can reduce the charging time to under an hour. In our research of the Mighty vs Mighty+ review, compared to the barrel port charging on the original which took two to three hours, this is a huge improvement.

Storz & Bickle charging port comparison

Best Mighty Plus Tips and Tricks

With finely ground herb using a quality Herb Grinder, you’ll be able to get the best vapor quality on both vapes. We’ve found that 380°F / 188°C works very well as a temperature for excellent vapor and taste. As you wind down the session, you can use the double superboost on the Mighty+ to get the most out of your herb. With a Mighty Long Bubbler, you’ll be able to keep hits super smooth, even as you begin to crank the temperature up high! This works especially well when you are using wax concentrates with Mighty Liquid Pads or a sandwiched Mighty Dosing Capsules. As you’ll want a high temperature for these options, you may want to even consider a 14mm Whip Bubbler for even better vapor quality with huge concentrate clouds.

Storz & Bickle Bubblers

Mighty+ Ceramic Bowl Upgrade

Each vape’s oven size remains the same at .25g. Taking a look inside the dry herb vapes, the original Mighty’s aluminum chamber has been upgraded on the Mighty Plus to ceramic oven. At the very least, this change is an upgrade to aesthetics, as the aluminum was prone to yellowing on the old model. Storz & Bickel have gone on record to say that the Mighty+ ceramic bowl is more durable, but in terms of changes to performance, these parts will be virtually identical to the average user. Also, the heating time has been reduced from 70-80 seconds for the original, to 60 seconds for the Plus. There is now also a new double super-boost temperature feature which easily increases the Mighty+ temp by 59°F / 15°C by clicking on the power button.

Storz & Bickle Mighty+ and Mighty filling chamber comparison

Mighty vs Mighty+ Kickstand

The original Mighty’s removable stir stick could be placed backward to use as a small kickstand. It was okay, but the device was prone to falling. With the Mighty Plus, Storz & Bickel attempted to fix this but instead caused a different issue. With the addition of two small penguin-like feet and the same kickstand, the tripod setup leans backward. But, it is now prone to falling just as easily. Although there isn’t a new stand released for the Mighty+, you can put the vaporizer into the Mighty Vape Stand. The new Mighty Plus won’t go in all the way to the stand though, and the USB-C port is partially blocked by the stand. Hopefully, this is sorted out in the future with a flat bottom, as featured on the Crafty+.

Storz & Bickle Mighty+ and Mighty standing comparisonMighty+ with stand and mighty back profile

Storz & Bickel Mighty+ UL Certification

As the first dry herb vaporizer to feature UL certification, Storz & Bickel have had their Mighty+ vape electrically certified to ensure safe use for users. UL is an independent organization that develops standards to ensure products and their materials can pass rigorous testing procedures. This was a nice touch and an homage to Storz & Bickel’s high manufacturing standards.

How to Clean Mighty vaporizers?

Both Storz & Bickel dry herb vaporizers are very easy to clean. Although the ceramic chamber is much more stain-resistant, the Mighty+ and Mighty are cleaned the same way. After each use, it is a good idea to pick out any debris and empty the chamber fully. Once a week, it’s a good idea to use some vape cleaning sticks and vape cleaning wipes to aid your efforts. If there starts to be a change in vapor quality or airflow, you can remove the cooling chamber and clean individual parts in a 30-minute isopropyl alcohol soak and scrub.

To clean the LCD screen on the Mighty Plus, use alcohol wipes and make sure you get into the corners well. After, dry with a good quality towel.

Storz & Bickle cleaning

Mighty+ vs Mighty Chart Comparison

Spec: Mighty+  Mighty
Heat-up Time Sixty Seconds 120 Seconds
Charging 1 Hour 2 Hours
Temp  40 – 210 °C  40 – 210 °C
Charging Port USB-C USB-A
Charging Capabilities Fast Normal
Chamber Material Ceramic Aluminum
Warranty Two (3 yrs ext) 2 years
UL Certified Yes No

Review: Who should buy the Mighty or Mighty+?

With the key upgrades to the double super-boost option, ceramic bowl, and supercharger USB-C, experienced vapors have some great things to consider purchasing points for the Mighty+. The super-boost allows some extra flexibility for closing out a session quickly and the ceramic bowl upgrade will be easier to clean and more stain-resistant in the long term. This goes the same for the improved ridges on the exterior as well. Lastly, the USB-C will be more readily able to charge anywhere in less time. If these improvements suit your vaping habits, consider upgrading to a Mighty+ that will last you for years to come. In our tests, we were unable to notice any kind of difference in the vapor quality from the mighty and some will like the ceramic chamber to prevent any sort of metallic after-taste following a hit, but that wasn’t an issue for us.

Despite the small increase in price for the Mighty+, it is known as one of the best dry herb vaporizers for a reason. Its improved charging time, battery and heating capabilities, body design, and chamber make it worth the dollars to upgrade for vaping veterans and connoisseurs. The vapor quality is ridiculous and the USB-C means you’ll be able to take it more places without charging worries.

Storz & Bickle Mighty+ and Mighty front profile wider shot

Mighty vs Mighty+ Review Final Thoughts

To be clear, the Mighty is still one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers on the market. In our Mighty vs Mighty+ review, we found that Storz & Bickel have made some notable upgrades to make the Mighty+ slightly better for high-frequency users. Both vapes produce amazingly consistent vapor quality with high ease of use. They are both incredibly durable and enjoyable to use, and nothing on either device would be considered a deal-breaker. The original Mighty still stands on its own as a great device and is a stand-alone upper-tier vape.  The kickstand or limited included kit could be better on the Mighty Plus. However, the Mighty+ is the better choice for veterans looking to get more out of an individual device. The shorter battery life is acceptable due to the supercharging, universal USB-C charging, and faster heating times.

If you found this review helpful, let us know in the comments. Also, feel free to check out our Mighty Plus vs Crafty Plus Review or more Dry Herb Vaporizers if you are still feeling undecided!

Mighty+ vs Mighty Review
Mighty+ vs Mighty Review
The key differences between the Mighty vs Mighty+ are the new USB-C charging, supercharging, ceramic bowl upgrades, and stand. Learn more about whether it's worth the upgrade.
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