Omura Series X Vaporizer Review

Should you buy the Omura Series X Vaporizer?

If you’re a cannabis joint lover that’s looking for a great and healthier alternative, you’ll love the ‘heat-not-combust’ goal of the Omura vaporizer. Working to heat their own paper sticks in three-minute heating cycles, you’ll be able to get good vapor that will be able to help you quit smoking. But – is it worth buying over similar devices in the portable dry herb vaporizer category? In this review, we’ll be going over all of its key features to help you make the right decision.

Omura Series X Colors

What’s in the Omura Series X kit?

  • x1 Wooden Box
  • x1 How-to Manual
  • x1 USB-C Charging Cable
  • x1 Note Pad
  • x1 Omura Vaporizer
  • x24 Empty Flower Sticks 0.125g capacity

While it may seem like a minimal kit, you won’t need any additional accessories other than maybe a grinder and funnel due to the vape’s simple design.

Omura Vaporizer Key Features

Instead of a traditional chamber, temperature control, and mouthpiece, the Omura instead uses its flower sticks. These can basically be considered pre-rolled joints that you insert into the body of the vape, which will then provide you with a good three-minute session of inhales. There will be a minimal smell, and as well the cloud production won’t be as high as you may have come to expect from other portable dry herb vaporizers, but the goal of the company claims that either temperature you use will give you an awesome terpene profile experience. Going back to the original user, those quitting joints, the minimal smell and clouds will be an awesome transition vape that won’t get you as much negative attention while using it in public as combustion would.

As combustion can give off as many as 113 chemicals in weed smoke, cannabis vapor will only have four. In other words, it will be the better alternative in the long run. You can learn more about that in our history of cannabis vaporizer blog.

As a positive for the environment, there will be a lot less waste for the environment in the form of plastic cartridges that 510-thread vapes use.

Are Omura vaporizers portable?

The Omura Series X vape is about the same size, and style, as a DaVinci IQC. The paper cartridges are also about the same size as an Arizer Solo 2 glass stem. You’ll have no problem carrying them around in public or in a vape carrying case.

Omura Series X Size

Can you use concentrates in the Omura?

While the kit comes with the 24 empty paper sticks, you’ll be able to buy preload CBD and THC sticks from their website. You won’t be able to use concentrates, as any resin won’t get heated enough for proper extraction. Empty sticks in packs of 12 will cost you 10 USD, and the preloaded ones will run you between 40-50 USD.

Omura paper sticks

Omura X vapor quality

In terms of vapor quality, the Omura holds up quite for terpene profiles. As a key difference though, the three minute session timer will begin as soon as you place a paper stick into the body. There aren’t any chambers or mouthpieces to mess around with, just a battery level reading, and two heating profiles to choose between. These are 300F / 149C, and 430F / 221C. Ironically, the first two inhales will be the harshest as the paper spreads out the heat, but then you’ll be able to have a relaxing session on both heats. On the first heat, you won’t see much vapor but will still get high, and on the second you’ll have vapor production similar to that of an Arizer Solo 2.

Omura Series X Vapor Quality

Battery Life

As a nice little bonus modern feature, the Omura vaporizer has USB-C charging which will help the overall portability of your vaporizer as you’ll be able to use the same charger as your phone. To check the battery level on the vape, tap the power button and if it flashes, it will require a charger. A full charge from dead will take about two hours, but charging will be compatible with a battery bank to help you stay vaping while on the go.

Omura Series X Ease of Use

  • A full battery will last you a full 12 minutes of three minute cycles on the lower heat, or about six to eight on high
  • Hold the power button down for about three seconds to turn on or off
  • One time use for the paper sticks on high, two times if used on low temperature
  • Never a risk of combusting your dry herb or paper cartridges

How to clean the Omura Vaporizer?

As an added bonus, you won’t need to clean any internal parts on the vaporizer since everything will be contained within the paper, and then all resin inhaled by the user. Once you’re done with a session, you won’t have to worry about whipping out any vape cleaning wipes or vape cleaning Q-tips. After the papers are cooked, you can simply toss them into your composting bin, or onto the fire if you’re at the cottage. This is another selling point for beginners or those quitting smoking, it’s just so easy to use.


Omura has a one year limited warranty for defects incase your vaporizer stops working not from accidental damage.

Omura Vaporizer Pros and Cons


  • The Omura S1 is super easy to use, and you’ll get a good high off the small 0.125g chamber
  • Minimal product waste
  • No cleaning required
  • Good flavor
  • Battery will get you through a full 12 pack of pre-rolls
  • Highly discreet and unique design
  • Good for sharing
  • Good for those quitting smoking


  • Airflow can be hit or miss
  • Paper cartridges are pricy
  • Limited shipping outside of California and Washington
  • Expensive for long term use


As a great entry-level vaporizer, the Omura will provide you with the first step towards quitting smoking weed. You’ll get the same familiar feeling of smoking a joint in a portable unit, and the minimalist approach without an LED screen or internal parts to figure out make it an awesome portable dry herb vaporizer for beginners. For long term use though, it’s simply not a realistic option. For a similar experience in terms of vapor quality and ease of use, we can highly recommend picking up an Arizer Solo 2 or a DynaVap. With the Solo 2, you can use the glass stem chamber to quickly load in 0.2g of dry herb which is then heated in the stainless steel oven and will crank out a lot of awesome vapor quality through the mouthpiece. Three hours of battery life and awesome vapor quality – What’s not to love? With the DynaVap, you can load the stainless steel cap with 0.15g, and then heat it with a butane torch or induction heater, before a loud pop will let you know that the chamber has reached 350F and can be inhaled.

In either case, you’ll have a better dry herb vape than the Omura in terms of long term cannabis vaping. If you’ve been looking for a vape with multi-purpose use, consider checking out the convection dual-use Boundless Tera v3 with its included concentrate mode and pad!

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As always, keep on that cannabis train – To health and high times!

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Omura Series X Vaporizer Review
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Omura Series X Vaporizer Review
If you're a cannabis joint lover that's looking for a great and healthier alternative, you'll love the 'heat-not-combust' goal of the Omura vaporizer. Working to heat their own paper sticks in three minute heating cycles, you'll be able to get good vapor that will help you quit smoking.
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