Healthy Rips Fierce Vaporizer Review

We have been pretty impressed with the devices we’ve seen from Healthy Rips vapes, most notably the Fury Edge. The Fierce is a dry herb portable vaporizer that features a removable battery with a long life, a nice chamber size, and hybrid heating. It also has the option to vape concentrates with the included accessory for concentrates. Keep reading our Healthy Rips Fierce review to learn more about this dry herb portable vaporizer. 

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Healthy Rips Fierce Key Features

  • Removable Battery
  • Long Battery Life
  • OLED Screen
  • Hybrid Heating
  • Nice Chamber Size

How to use the Healthy Rips Fierce?

The portable vaporizer from Healthy Rips vapes is super straightforward and easy to use. Pressing the power button three times will turn the unit on, while the smaller two buttons adjust the temperature. You can decide whether your sessions are anywhere from three to eight minutes, which is a nice feature. Haptic feedback lets you know when it’s ready to rip.

The Fierce dry herb portable vaporizer heats up in about 40 seconds, which isn’t the best – but also isn’t the worst. We recommend finely grinding your herbs when vaping with this unit, as well as packing the bowl loosely. Don’t pack it too tightly, or you run the risk of impacting your draw resistance. 

Healthy Rips Fierce How it Works

Healthy Rips Fierce Temperature Settings

The Fierce portable vaporizer from Healthy Rips vapes has precision temperature control, with a range of 160°C to 220°C. We found that our best rips came right around the 190-200°C range with dry herbs. The temperature range on the Fierce is a decent one for vaping dry herbs, but it’s definitely on the low end for waxing concentrates. You will need to reach around 250°C to properly vape waxy concentrates. If you are looking for a dedicated wax pen, one of our favorites is the Utillian 5

Healthy Rips Fierce Temp. Settings

Heating System and Chamber

The Fierce portable dry herb vaporizer uses hybrid heating, which is a combination of conduction and convection. The chamber is made from stainless steel and can fit approximately a quarter of a gram of dry herb. This is a nicely sized chamber, especially for a unit that is as compact as the Fierce.

Healthy Rips Fierce Chamber

Healthy Rips Fierce Vapor Quality

The vapor quality on the Fierce vaporizer is solid! This is thanks in large part to the all-glass vapor path, even though the vapor path is on the smaller size due to the compact nature of the Fierce. The draw resistance is low and the glass mouthpiece gives some solid flavor with minimal harshness on the throat. The glass stem does tend to give a little bit hot though, so be aware of that. The default mouthpiece is made from plastic, which does fit slightly cheap. 

The Fierce also has pretty good vapor production as well. This powerful little unit does have the ability to vape concentrates with the included concentrate pad, but the vapor quality is below average in this department. While we were relatively impressed with the vapor on the Fierce, we think that a unit like the Utillian 722 boasts better vapor quality.

Healthy Rips Fierce Battery Life

The 4050mAh battery on the Fierce is great, especially considering its compact size and portability. The manufacturer says that you’ll get a full two hours of continuous vaping from the Fierce, but we found that it’s more like 90 minutes. Either way, this is still a solid amount of battery life for the Fierce. 

Healthy Rips Fierce Aesthetics

The fact that the battery is removable is always a good addition when it comes to portable vaporizers. You will get a little bit more battery life from a bigger device like the Mighty Plus, but not all that much. 

Aesthetics and Manufacturing Quality

The Fierce portable vaporizer is solidly built, and there aren’t any components that are out of place or unnecessary. We were impressed with the overall look and feel of the Fierce, and the kirksite alloy body has a rubberized finish that feels good when you hold it. The build is durable, and obviously with withstand a few drops if you accidentally do so. While this little unit is nice looking, we think that a dry herb portable vaporzer like Zeus Arc GTS looks a little bit better than the Fierce.

Healthy Rips Fierce Battery

Portability and Discreetness

Measuring only four inches high and three inches wide, obviously the Fierce portable vaporizer is unit is pretty portable and discreet. This device from Healthy Rips vapes does have some heft to it though, weighing about 283 grams (10 ounces). It is smaller than the Mighty but does actually weigh more. It’s compact enough to fit easily in your palm, but there is a bit of an odor when vaping with the default plastic mouthpiece. This is something to be aware of, but the included protective cover helps keep the smell down for the most part. 

Portability and Size

Healthy Rips Fierce Accessories

The Fierce has a pretty solid kit of accessories that includes a battery, a protective cover, a default mouthpiece, a glass mouthpiece, a pad for vaping concentrates, a cleaning tool, a USB-C charger, and an owner’s manual. 


How to Clean the Healthy Rips Fierce?

Keeping the Fierce portable vaporizer from Healthy Rips vapes clean and properly maintained is just as easy as it is to use. Just soak the mouthpieces in isopropyl alcohol, and take a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to the vapor path and chamber. If you want to make your vaping life easier by ridding yourself of the need to dip your cotton swabs in alcohol, be sure to check out these high-quality vaporizer cleaning sticks from Tools420.

Bottom Line

Overall, we were impressed with the Fierce. It looks cool, offers good vapor quality, has a long-lasting removable battery, a glass vapor path, precision controls, and a solid accessories kit. 

If you want a compact device that performs and looks a little bit better than the Fierce, check out the DaVinci IQC Looking for a device with super long battery life? Look into the Arizer Solo 2

What do you think about our Healthy Rips Fierce review? What is the best dry herb portable vaporizer?

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Healthy Rips Fierce Vaporizer Review
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Healthy Rips Fierce Vaporizer Review
The Healthy Rips Fierce is a dry herb vaporizer that features a removable battery with a long life, 0.25g bowl hybrid heating. Learn more!
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