What is a Terpometer?

For dabbing fans that are tired of having to use a timer for their dab torch, the Terpometer is here with the perfect solution – A thermometer specifically made to help you dab concentrates at the perfect temperature. Using an RBG screen and simple commands, this is a great accessory to help you heat your glass bangers. For the sake of this review, we’ll be talking about the infrared model.

Why use a Terpometer?

Compatible with quartz, titanium, and ceramic dabbing heating surfaces, the Terpometer will ensure that you never burn or underheat your dabbing sessions ever again. No longer will you have to worry about frying your expensive full-melt hash, or live resin ever again.

How does a Terpometer work?

There are three main color displays that the Terpometer uses to display the temperature you’re at; Blue, Green, and Red. Using an infrared temperature gauge, the sensors capture the conduction temperature of your banger as you heat it. As the whole goal of dabbing is to get an efficient and potent high, preserving your concentrate’s terpenes should be a top priority, as well as not chazzing your glass or accidentally scorching your lungs because you overheated.

How to use a Terpometer?

  1. Press the power button three times to turn the Terpometer on
  2. Keep the Terpometer half an inch away from your glass banger while you heat it up with your dab torch 
  3. When the light turns green, your optimal dabbing temperature has been reached; red means that you’ve heated above the recommended 600°F limit
  4. Once you’ve reached temperature, you can use the dab tool accessory on the other end of the Terpometer to load your perfectly heated banger

Terpometer Key Features

  • Infrared Sensor Thermometer

  • Titanium dabbing tool

  • KeyChain accessory

  • Micro-USB Charger

  • Compatible with quartz , titanium and ceramic heated surfaces

Terpometer Alternatives

One of the downsides of having accurate temperature control with a Yerpometer is the $180 price tag, which you could buy a decent electric dab rig for. By that, I mean that these wax vaporizer dab rigs often come with precision temperature control and atomizer sensors to maintain their set temperature very well. A few are even made to be a direct alternative to traditional dab rigs by using a quartz-to-glass vapor pathway.

Instead of using a torch to heat your dab, E-Rigs use what are known as atomizers. These are small ovens that will heat your dab for you after your turn your unit on and set a temperature. Like a dab rig’s banger, your vapor will then be brought through a bubbler for you to inhale.

utillian 8 atomizer

Utillian 8 Atomizer with Terp Pearls

Dr. Dabber Boost Evo

The best example of this is the Dr. Dabber Boost Evo. It uses a quartz oven with your vapor directly traveling to the glass above it. This hidden chamber design underneath the magnetic bubbler also helps to keep the sense of a dabbing ritual. Once you do get your hits, the clean air path is exactly like a dab rig, except without any of the guesswork of having to time your torch or use a Terpometer. The best part? The Evo will cost less money than a normal dab rig setup, while also being more efficient!

Focus V Carta 2

Another great option would be the newly released Focus V Carta 2. It uses a very large ceramic atomizer that uses ‘3D Heating’ technology to help extract your concentrates heated evenly and efficiently. This works by running an embedded coil throughout the ceramic bucket atomizer to ensure no overly cold or hot zones. What this means for your dab is that there will be no pooling or burning in certain areas. Also, in their patented ‘Intellicore Atomizer’, accurate heat sensors will perfectly maintain your precisely set temperature, unlike the Pre-Sets that the Boost Evo or other budget E-Rigs use.

Along with these features, as one of the best E-Rigs on the market, you’ll have an HD screen with an easy user interface to control session times, precision temperature control through 365°F – 635°F, and full LED lights control. As an overall improvement over glass bangers, you’ll be able to stretch your sessions much longer for extra efficient extractions that we like to refer to as ‘milking’. Even the heaviest of consumers will be blown away by their first session, as the Carta 2 can hit as gently or hard as possible!



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