Should you buy the XMAX V3 Pro or the Utillian 722?

As two of the top affordable convection portable dry herb vaporizers on the market, this is a comparison to help you decide which to buy – The XMAX V3 Pro or the Utillian 722. We’ll be comparing them based on their unique key features, their pros and cons, as well as certain details that would be better for certain people.

At face value, the Utillian 722 is a sleeker device. It uses a rubberized aluminum exterior and a swivel-style mouthpiece. It’s slightly bulkier than the XMAX but is a bit shorter when the mouthpiece is down. On the XMAX, there is a wide mouthpiece and an OLED screen that will help you have precision temperature control and swap between on-demand and session mode. Coming in at $200 for the Utillian, or closer to around $100 for the XMAX, let’s see which device will reign as the pound-for-pound king.

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Convection with a bit of conduction!

Each vaporizer uses a convection-based heating system that operates by running hot air through the chamber, which you’ll then inhale as it moves up towards the mouthpiece. However, since each chamber is made from stainless steel that will heat up the longer the session goes on, there is an element of conduction to the THC extraction. This means that after a few minutes, you’re going to be getting some extra extraction which makes the heating system almost a hybrid between convection and conduction.

Xmax v3 pro vs Utillian 722 oven comparisson

XMAX V3 Pro vs Utilian 722 – Portability Comparison

In terms of portability, the XMAX is slightly taller at just over 6 inches but has a very narrow design. The Utillian is a bit shorter but is bulkier. Overall, they aren’t the most portable vapes, so we recommend picking up a standard Tools420 Vape Case which will help you with your device’s portability, as well as keep your accessories like an XMAX bubbler in one convenient place. The magnet is a bit weaker on the XMAX V3 Pro, but it won’t come off just by walking around. Just know that if you try to take it out of your pocket by the mouthpiece, it might come off and spill some dry herb.

Xmax v3 pro vs Utillian 722 control scheme

Can you use dabs in them?

Primarily, these are meant to be used with dry herb, but they are capable of doing low-temperature concentrates like shatter or resin. As the Utillian’s wax canister was discontinued and removed from the kit, people were looking for an alternative for a while until the XMAX V3 Pro was released in mid-2021. Ironic to this review, you’ll be able to use the XMAX V3 Pro Wax Cup for dabs in the Utillian 722 as the chamber specs are very similar. The wax cup has a funneled design with cotton at the bottom to ensure that your concentrates won’t make your chamber messy. The XMAX will be a bit better for vaporizing your dabs though, as long and slow inhales will drive the temperature up in the oven more than the Utillian.

XMAX V3 Pro vs. Utillian 722 – Vapor Quality

Overall, the vapor quality is somewhat similar. The XMAX uses massive air intake ports that might just supply too much air to the mouthpiece if you’re not used to it. The good thing is that you won’t ever have to worry about having a clogged system ever. At higher temperatures above 390 Fahrenheit, you’ll find that the vapor can get a bit harsh and loses flavor because of how powerful the convection oven is. If you’re into big clouds though,

On the Utillian 722, the heat-up time is slower than the XMAX, clocking in at 30 seconds on average. While that’s still under the industry average, the XMAX heats up extremely quickly in under 10 seconds on its lower temperatures. However, even though that fast heat-up time is strong enough to produce on-demand clouds, you’re going to lose a lot of terpenes that might turn some people off the vape. With the Utillian, the slower heating won’t give you as big clouds but you’re going to get a lot better flavor where you’ll be able to taste the strain that you’re using. Its draw restriction is about average, but the straw-style mouthpiece does make it a little easier to hit from. Unless you’re on the max boosted temperature, the vapor won’t get as harsh as the XMAX gets with long and slow inhales because of its climbing convection heat. For this category, we’re going to give the nod to the 722.

Xmax v3 pro vs Utillian 722 temp display

Battery Life Comparison

The XMAX V3 Pro battery will run you about 45 minutes of use, whereas the Utillian 722 will get you about an hour of uptime. There are a few differences that you should know about though as the XMAX V3 Pro comes with more a modern USB-C charging port as well as a swappable 18650 battery. On the Utillian, you’re stuck with a micro-USB charging port and a proprietary battery. Another thing that the XMAX has up on its Utillian rival is that it will display your power level on the battery indicator, as well while it’s charging up. With the 722, all you’ll have is an LED light indicator on the bottom of the vape that will change from red to yellow, to green to show what percentage of charge you have left, with red meaning there is under 10% left. This category is about a tie.

Xmax v3 pro vs Utillian 722 charging port

Which is easier to use?

To use each vaporizer, you’ll start by removing the mouthpiece to access the 0.25g chamber on the V3 Pro, or the 0.3g oven on the 722. Once you’ve attached the mouthpieces on the XMAX, you can turn the device on by pressing the power button three times. It will automatically boot to session mode and begin heating to your last set temperature. You can swap between session and on-demand heating by pressing the up and down arrows at the same time. In on-demand mode, it will only provide heating to the chamber while you’re pressing the power button down. While the on-demand heating is a little quicker than session mode, you’ll reach vaping temperatures in around 10-15 seconds on average which is incredibly fast compared to other portables on the market. One pro tip is to utilize the mouthpiece which can be used as a stir tool to make sure that you’re getting an even bowl extraction as your bud will tend to get most roasted on the outer edges due to the way that the airflow is setup.

The Utillian 722 takes a more simple approach by using just one button, and a light display to show you the status of the vaporizer. You’ll turn the vape on by pressing the power button five times, and then you can cycle through four pre-set temperatures by double-tapping the power button (green, blue, violet, red), and then a boost mode of 225C / 437F.

How do they compare to other convection vaporizers?


The TinyMight takes more of a powerful heating approach than these two other vaporizers. It uses a heating dial that cranks out powerful hot air to a glass stem chamber similar to the one Arizer’s use, and it is made with an Oak exterior. You do pay for it coming from Finland and the high manufacturing quality though!

Boundless Tera

The Tera V3 functions similarly to the Utillian 722, except it’s a bit easier to use and has swappable batteries. You’ll have a few different kinds of mouthpieces to choose from, as well as a concentrate mode that will fire the oven up to 500F. It focuses a lot of its energy on heating though, so you’ll only get around 40 minutes of battery life.

Cleaning Comparison

In terms of cleaning, the Utillian 722 is the winner as all you’ll have to do in terms of thorough cleaning is take a vape cleaning stick which comes equipped with isopropyl alcohol, and then wipe down the mouthpiece filter screen and inside the mouthpiece and inside the chamber. If you’re a heavy user, you may want to pick up some extra Utillian 722 screens and some Orange Chronic Pipe Cleaner that you’ll be able to melt resin debris away with.

On the XMAX V3 Pro, there is a rubber gasket that holds the mouthpiece filter and ceramic mouthpiece insert in place. This rubber gasket is the only thing that you don’t want to get alcohol on as it can loosen it up with time. The ceramic insert and mouthpiece filter can get soaked in iso alcohol for ten minutes before a hot water rinse off. Alcohol Q-tips are going to be your friend again where you can clean the inside of the mouthpiece and oven chamber with.

Xmax v3 pro vs Utillian 722 mouthpiece comparison


With each vaporizer, you’ll have a one-year warranty that will cover you against the manufacturer’s defects.

Conclusion – XMAX V3 Pro vs Utillian 722

In conclusion, we can simplify this comparison down to the on-demand convection affordability on the V3 Pro versus the more laid-back experience on the Utillian 722. There really isn’t a clear winner in my books as they are aimed at different demographics of vapers. If you prefer more of a microdosing fast session, then the V3 will be for you. It provides excellent airflow that works amazingly well with a bubbler, and you’ll have a large variety of accessories to choose from to help customize your sessions. In other words, it’s a solid unit that is sure to keep you happy for a long time.

With the 722, it’s more suited for people who are looking for a nice and relaxing convection session that will be full of flavor. Although it has some outdated tech like a proprietary battery and a micro-USB charging port, it’s a simple kit that sticks to what it’s good at… Pumping out easy-breezy (beautiful) cover girl clouds.

XMAX V3 Pro Vs. Utillian 722
XMAX V3 Pro Vs. Utillian 722
Battle of the affordable convection vaporizers - Learn more about their key features.