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Key Features

  • For Flower & Dabs
  • Fan Favorite
  • USB-C charging & Swappable 18650 Battery
  • 15 Second Heat-Up Time
  • Easy OLED Screen
  • Magnetic Mouthpiece / Stir tool 
  • Portable Design 
  • On-Demand & Session Mode
  • Isolated air path
  • No Draw Resistance
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Included wax cup dosing capsule for dabs
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USD $109.95  $76.49  30% Off

Should you buy the XMAX V3 Pro or XMAX Starry V4?

XMAX has gained quite a reputation in recent years with the release of high-quality budget vaporizers in their Starry and Pro lineup.

  • With their most recent release of the XMAX Starry 4.0, we’ve had a few requests to compare it to the XMAX V3 Pro, so here we are!

In this comparison review, we’ll be going over their similarities and differences to help you decide which one is right for you – Let’s get into it.

XMAX Starry vs. V3 Pro Specs

XMAX V3 Pro Specs XMAX Starry 4.0 Specs
Material Compatibility Dry Herb + Wax   Dry Herb (Wax Pad sold sep.)
Pass through charging No No
Swappable Battery Yes Yes
Charge Time 2 Hours 80 Minutes
Charging Port USB-C USB-C
Battery life 45 Minutes 80 Minutes
Heating system Convection Conduction
Heat up time ~20 Seconds 25 Seconds
Temperature control Precision Precision
Temperature Range 212°F – 428°F / 100°C – 220°C 320°F – 464°F / 160°C – 240°C
Oven Size 0.25 0.3g
Vapor path way  Steel Ceramic
Accessories Mouthpieces / Capsules WPA, Liquid Pad
Vibration Alert Yes Yes
Motion sensor No No
Warranty period 1 Year 1 Year
Price $80 $99
Coupon Code
Ease of Use 8/10 8/10
Vapor Quality 8/10 8/10
Manufacturing Quality 8/10 8/10
Ease of Cleaning 8/10 7/10
Portability 8/10 7/10
Durability 8/10 8/10

Key Feature Differences

  • The Starry uses a straw-style mouthpiece
  • The Starry is Conduction, V3 Pro is convection
  • The Starry has an included flower dosing capsule, and the V3 Pro includes a wax cup for concentrates
  • The V3 Pro has an on-demand mode

Kit Comparison

Each kit is packed with nice additions to help the bang for your buck.

XMAX V3 Pro Kit XMAX Starry V4
1 x MAX V3 PRO Vaporizer Cleaning spoon, brush, and pick
1x 18650 Battery x1 USB-C Cable
1 x Wax Cup for Concentrates x2 Chamber Screens
1 x Cleaning Brush x1 Mouthpiece Screen
1 x USB-C Charger x1 Dosing Capsule
1 x User Manual x2 Silicone Mouthpiece Cap
1 x Cotton Swabs XMAX Starry 4.0 Owner’s Manual
1 x Alcohol Prep Pads

Vapor Quality Comparison

First-time buyers will appreciate the vapor output of the Starry V4, and beginners will appreciate the learning curve and upgradeable parts of the XMAX V3 Pro

Because of the strong conduction oven in the Starry, it’s able to pump out big clouds without any kind of learning curve.

There’s a bit more draw restriction compared to the V3 Pro, but the stronger oven allows for more effortless clouds and the zirconia mouthpiece feels smoother to inhale from.

In my experience, even on lower temperatures, the conduction-based heating system of the Starry 4 had less terpene flavors and more vapor production, which makes it better for people quitting joints.

The XMAX starry here is producing vapor through the mouthpiece as it is set to the highest temperature

  • With the V3 Pro’s hot air extraction system, your terpene flavors will last longer, but vapor production will drop off faster compared to the Starry v4.
For optimal vapor production on the V3 Pro – You’ll need to be taking inhales longer than five seconds which some people might not like.

Starry 4 Conduction vs. V3 Pro Convection

  • The Starry 4 uses a conduction oven that directly heats the ceramic around your cannabis.

The bowl is also bigger than the V3 Pro’s, and the straw-style mouthpiece is easier to inhale than the wide stock plastic one on the V3 Pro. Right off the bat while comparing the two devices, it’s obvious that the Starry can produce the denser clouds between compared to the V3 Pro.

  • The convection on the V3 Pro heating warms the air that passes through the chamber for its THC extraction.

Because of this, the extraction is slower as it only really extracts while you’re inhaling. However, for big clouds and good extraction, you’ll need to be taking long and slow inhales.

xmax v3 pro long and slow inhales

  • AVB (Already Vaped Bud) is going to be darker on the Starry 4 in less time, and you might feel as though the V3 Pro vapor production drops off after a few minutes even if you raise the temperature.

XMAX Starry 4 AVB

The xmax starry is able to produce good extraction thanks to its high temperature conduction oven. This photo shows a brown and black abv from a few sessions, and many.


Can they vape wax?

The starry 4.0 uses a higher temperature than the XMAX V3 Pro at 464℉ compared to 428°F. This will allow for much better vaping of hash and waxy concentrates.

  • However, the V3 Pro has an included wax cup in its kit, while you’ll need to separately purchase a mesh pad for the Starry.

Some people also complain that the wax cup on the V3 Pro is inefficient, though. Once we receive our mesh pad for the Starry 4, I’ll be updating this section with more information after testing it.


Which is more portable?

  • While the Starry 4.0 has a slightly smaller design at 4.5in x 1.5in x 1in and 120g
  • The V3 Pro comes in at 6x1x1in and 105g

Overall, the Starry 4 is the more portable option due to the XMAX V3 Pro being a full inch and a half longer, which might not fit into shallower pockets.


On the plus side, the XMAX V3 Pro’s dosing capsules are a bit more manageable though as they are smaller and the lids are more secured. They also come in a 5-pack with a steel tube with a cap, so you’ll be able to fit them into your pocket on the go.

If you plan on traveling with the Starry 4, I’d suggest getting a quality Vape Carrying Case like the which has multiple storage compartments for all of your vape accessory needs.

this photo shows the starry 4 easily fitting into a vape case

Battery Life Review

The Starry 4.0 has a much stronger battery life of around 1 hour compared to the 30 minutes or so you can expect from the V3 Pro.

This photo shows the open battery lid of the starry v 4.0 and a spare 18650 ready to be swapped in

They both use USB-C charging, but the Starry 4 will also charge faster than the XMAX V3 Pro. However, it’s not a total deal breaker as you’ll be able to use spare 18650 batteries to swap in when you run out of juice on either device.


One thing to note is that if you do plan on using the V3 Pro in on-demand mode, you’ll be getting less battery life as it puts more of a strain on the oven to constantly be heating up.

Build Quality Review

In terms of build quality, they both feature impressive specs for their under $100 price tag.

  • The Starry uses a large ceramic conduction oven, zirconia mouthpiece, and USB-C charging
  • The V3 Pro uses a stainless steel oven, convection heating, a stock plastic mouthpiece, and USB-C charging

Some other differences between them are the on-demand heating of the V3 Pro, the adjustable airflow dial on the Starry 4.0 and its included high-quality stainless steel dosing capsule.

Ease of Use Comparison

To be honest, each device’s OLED screen and user interface are quite similar to one another.

  • They each use a power button, and then an up and down arrow for their precision temperature control.
  • On each device, you’ll be able to adjust the session timer and control your temperature as well.

Out of the box, each vape will be set to session mode, meaning automatic heating, but the XMAX V3 Pro can cycle between on-demand and automatic heating mode by holding the up and down arrows for several seconds.

This photo shows the airflow vent in the open 'down' setting which will allow for airflow to the chamber

In the V3 Pro’s on-demand mode, you’ll be able to control the heating to only turn on when you are pressing the power button. This works very well for sharing a session with a friend or microdosing throughout the day, especially when combined with the XMAX V3 Pro Dry Herb Dosing Capsules which will let you swap them in and out of the chamber quickly.


Accessories Comparison

  • They both have dosing capsules available which will help chamber cleanliness and ease of reloading
  • The V3 Pro has five mouthpieces to choose from
  • The Starry requires a sold-separately wax mesh pad for concentrate use, otherwise your risk the chance of damaging the oven
  • The V3 Pro is better for bong use with 14m globe whip bubblers

X Max v3 Pro with glass adapter

Which is easier to clean?

  • Each vape is quite similar in terms of maintenance because they both use a ceramic insert and rubber gasket in their mouthpiece

For the most part, this makes their cleaning process quite similar as well. For thorough cleanings, you’ll be breaking down the internal parts of the mouthpiece apart for soaking their ceramic inserts in isopropyl alcohol, plus the zirconia mouthpiece as well on the Starry 4.0.

This photo shows the starry 4 zirconia mouthpiece and ceramic filter submerged in isopropyl alcohol for cleaning

The V3 Pro is a bit easier for day-to-day maintenance though because of its hook on the mouthpiece which will let you knock out the bowl.


Community Consensus

It’s generally agreed upon in online forums that the Starry 4 is a great device for beginners to quit smoking joints with because of the big cloud production and minimal flavor.

The V3 Pro is great with simple upgrades like the XMAX V3 Pro 14mm Bong Adapter and a 14mm Mega Globe Whip Bubbler. It does require a bit of getting used to though, namely the longer inhale style.

The Starry 4 hasn’t been out for much customer use yet, but with the older model, the XMAX Starry v3, people preferred the V3 Pro over it.

XMAX Vaporizer Warranty

In terms of warranty, each vaporizer has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. What does separate XMAX from a lot of manufacturers is that they stand behind their warranties, and the few warranty cases we’ve had with the XMAX V3 Pro have quickly been resolved.

Who is the XMAX V3 Pro best for?

The XMAX V3 Pro is by far best for people looking for a budget portable vaporizer that they’ll be able to upgrade in the future. All of the accessories are of super high quality and the upgrades are near-endless and can bring the performance up to that of the more expensive Arizer Air MAX.


Who is the XMAX Starry 4.0 best for?

The Starry 4 is an amazing vaporizer for first-time buyers that don’t need anything fancy for accessories or settings like on-demand mode. The Starry 4, it’s a grip and rip-it-type vape for those looking for a plain vaporizer that’s big on performance.

This photo shows the starry 4 being used with a bong thanks to the dynavap fat mouthpiece

An easy mod is the DynaVap Fat Mouthpiece on the Starry 4 as a 14mm WPA

XMAX V3 Pro vs Starry V4 Conclusion

Overall, while they both might be budget vaporizers, they’re made for different types of users.

  • The V3 Pro has better performance upgrades available for the vaping connoisseurs in the crowd, and the Starry 4 is a vapor-pumping machine right out of the box.

If you’re on the fence still, I can assure you that you’re not making a bad choice no matter which one you choose. They both have awesome vapor performance for their price tag, with just a few subtle differences to differentiate them from one another.

If you still want to learn more about each device, feel free to check out their reviews:

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