XVape Vista Mini Vaporizer Review

Author Rating: 7/10

Ease of Use: 7/10
Temperature Settings: 7/10
Chamber & Heating System: 7/10
Vapor Quality: 7/10
Battery Life: 7/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 7/10

The XVape Vista Mini is technically a desktop vaporizer that features a slick design and promises at-home quality dabs for a fraction of most dab rigs. However, it might be small enough to be portable! Is the Vista Mini from XVapes ushering in a new era of budget portable dab rigs? Keep reading our XVape Vista Mini vaporizer review for all of the tasty details. 

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Product Features:

  • Easy to Use Desktop Vaporizer
  • Water Filtration
  • Slick Design
  • Detachable Mouthpiece
  • Wireless Charging

How it Works and Ease of Use

Putting the Vista Mini desktop dab rig together out of the box is simple, and so is operating the device. To turn the Vista Mini on just press the button three times. Pressing the button twice lets you switch temperature settings. 

The XVape Mini seems to have been designed with the new dab rig consumer in mind. It’s easy to assemble, load and operate. Keeping the XVape Mini clean is easy too, but more on that later. 

How it Works

Temperature Settings

There are three temperature settings on the XVape Vista Mini desktop vaporizer – 280°C, 350°C, and 400°C. White, green and red lights, respectively, indicate which of the three settings you’re currently on. This portable dab rig heats up in a fast 20 seconds or so. 350°C is the best setting in our opinion, but we would have liked to see maybe two more temperature options – like 325°C and 380°C.

XVape Vista Mini Temperature Settings

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality on the first two settings is good. It’s nothing that will compete with a premium desktop vaporizer or even a portable dab rig like the Focus V Carta V2, but it is pretty good and flavorful. The highest setting does produce some harsh vapor, which can get to feel almost unbearable trying to take a big rip.  

XVape Vista Mini Vapor Quality

XVape Vista Mini Battery Life 

The 2000mAh battery on the XVape Vista Mini portable dab rig is pretty solid. It’s not going to last you as long as other portable dab rigs, but it is pretty good nonetheless. You can expect to get about 50 rips off of this portable desktop vape before needing to recharge. It takes about 90 minutes or so to fully charge. While we would have liked to see the option for a swappable battery, the fact that you can wirelessly charge this portable dab rig made up for that a bit.

XVape Vista Mini Battery Life

Aesthetics and Manufacturing Quality

The Vista Mini portable dab rig is the smaller sibling of the original Vista from Xvapes, which was a well-made device. The same is true for the Vista Mini, for the most part. The carb cap made from glass and the big chamber made from ceramic help add value to its build quality. The detachable glass mouthpiece doesn’t seem awkward, either. 

The O-Rings fit well in place and help keep the unit pretty airtight. While the build quality isn’t bad, you can tell this portable dab rig is on the budget end of things – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It’s pretty slick to look at as well, as the lights from the temperature settings change the color of the water – this is cool to look at after a nice session. The Puffco Peak features a much better build quality, albeit at a might higher price. 

Manufacturing Quality

Portability and Discreetness

Without the mouthpiece, the Xvape Vista Mini is 5.5 inches tall and adds an inch with the mouthpiece. This makes the Vista Mini pretty portable, but you should be sure to protect this portable dab rig with a high-quality, wear-resistant carrying case like this one

The relatively compact size of the Vista Mini portable dab rig would be good for a camping trip or to take on a leisurely hike, but be careful as the glass parts might break. Obviously, this portable dab rig features a long glass mouthpiece, so there is nothing discreet about that.

Portability and Size


The XVape Vista Mini comes with a cap for the carb, a glass mouthpiece, a USB cable, a funnel, extra o-rings, a tool for dabbing, a keck clip, and the user’s manual. It also comes with a 1-year warranty. 

XVape Vista Mini Accessories

How to Clean

Keeping the XVape Vista Mini clean is easy because it’s mostly glass parts. Just give the glass parts a good soak in isopropyl alcohol and take an alcohol-dipped cotton swab to the atomizer. Check out these handy pre-packaged vaporizer cleaning sticks from Tools420 if you are tired of dipping your cotton swabs in alcohol! 

Bottom Line

The XVape Vista Mini features wireless charging, a detachable glass mouthpiece, decent vapor quality, portability and it looks cool as well. However, the vapor quality, smoothness, and production are below average on this portable dab rig. The lack of temperature flexibility was a downfall of this portable dab rig. 

If you are looking for a premium portable dab rig, check out either the Puffco Peak or the Focus V Carta V2. What is the best portable dab rig? Which one of these to premium portable dab rigs is the better of the two? Check out our Focus V Carta VS Puffo Peak comparison review

What do you think about our Xvape Vista Mini portable dab rig review? Were we on point with our assessment? What is the best portable dab rig? Let us know in the comments!

If you liked this review, check back right here to our Tools420 blog for tons more just like it. Until next time, happy vaping!

11 comments on XVape Vista Mini Vaporizer Review

  1. Avatar for Tyler F. Tyler F. says:

    How do I clean the xvape vista mini?? I bought 1 after someone on Reddit told me to get the vista mini but ive ran a lot of dabs thru it now and don’t know how to clean it? I never rly used wax before so im new thanks for helping.

  2. Avatar for Leonard Q. Leonard Q. says:

    Loaded with some Girl Scout Cookies live resin and just hit me straight to the head with solid flavor and a big dab. Cleaning it as a bit of a chore and there are definitely things I’d improve on the device, but it’s very small and I think it’s a pretty solid unit overall.

  3. Avatar for Zack D. Zack D. says:

    Im wanting to buy the xvape vista mini but im not sure which is better, the xvape vista mini vs puffco peak? Can u pls do a review on both vapes or tell me which to use?

  4. Avatar for Louis A. Louis A. says:

    Hits fat clouds nice flavor good to use for groups I like it. Battery works really well nice overall.

  5. Avatar for Rudolph T. Rudolph T. says:

    Good unit, fair price, fair performance, nothing more to it than that.

  6. Avatar for Daniel R. Daniel R. says:

    Took me a while to find out how to use the xvape vista mini but now that I’ve gotten it nailed I cant believe I smoked joints for so long! Dabs are way different than smoking so occasionally I still spark one up, but now im looking at a normal weed vaporizer. Anything that’s similar to this?

  7. Avatar for Francis D. Francis D. says:

    Can the Xvape Vista Mini use dry herb?

    1. Avatar for Tools420 Tools420 says:

      No it’s only for wax/concentrates.

  8. Avatar for Liam F. Liam F. says:

    I bought one a few weeks ago but sold it to a friend and bought the Focusvape Carta. Much better device in my opinion and while the Vista Mini works, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for in a device.

  9. Avatar for Graham O. Graham O. says:

    Lit af small little vape but kicks really hard. Was pretty cheap, about as cheap as u can get for a portable e-rig dab sesh type thing. Works a lot better than my wax pen and the hits r way smoother. Pretty cheap n good I like it too

  10. Avatar for Scott B. Scott B. says:

    I purchased the XVape Vista Mini not long after it got launched and figured I should share some of my impressions. I also have the Focusvape Carta to compare it to among other devices. So lets start off.
    First of all its very cheap. Extremely affordable and if you want the cheapest best e-rig then this is your ticket. However, you get what you pay for. In comparison to my FocusV Carta, the XVape Vista Mini doesn’t really hold its ground at all.
    I seldom use it now as it doesn’t give nearly the same performance as taste as the Carta, but it’s still honestly a pretty decent little device. I don’t dislike it at all but would appreciate if they changed some things like the temperature control system.
    All in all it’s a good little e-rig for the price however I think if you’re a frequent dabber you should just better invest your money in a full sized e-rig like the Puffco Peak, Carta, Oura or other. Perhaps there will be an update for the Mini which is needed IMO.

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