Best Vapes to Travel With

Travelling with a dry herb vaporizer can be stressful. While cannabis is legal in most states, there’s still a looming anxiety when crossing intra and international borders.

Of course, having residue in/on your devices is still grounds for legal problems and we’re compiled a list of vaporizers which are easiest to travel with. We focused on units which are easy to 100% clean and fly under the radar. Lets hop right in.

Best overall – Arizer Go

All the portable Arizer units like the Air 2, Solo 2, and Arizer Go are exceptionally easy to deep clean. This is a major advantage when dealing with customs as you won’t have a single speckle or grain of residue left over on your device or stem.

The key factor here is in the stem. Made entirely of glass, all you need to do to clean it is submerge it in isopropyl alcohol for ~15 minutes, swish it around a few times, and rinse. It should come out spotless and then just finish up by wiping the chamber and body of the unit with an alcohol wipe.

Leaving no odor and trace behind, the vape should now be 100% fine to bring along and present you with no problems. The Arizer Go being the most compact of the three is the best choice, though they’re all fine for travelling with.

Arizer Go ArGo travel vape

Runner-up – Utillian 620 & 421

Glass stems again, the Utillian 620 and Utillian 421 both have an easily removed glass stem and easily cleaned chamber. Using the same soak-in-iso trick as outlined for the above Arizer units, the entire mouthpiece assembly for both units cleans out with little effort.

Not to mention the design which closer emulates that of a regular e-juice vape, these units are more likely to fly under the radar when inspected closely and when in use.

For those reasons we nominated the two Utillian vapes. Cleaning the entire body/chamber and mouthpiece is so easy as the entire units are made of metal, glass, and a little ceramic. Definitely good vapes to look into for stealthy travel.

Utillian 620 Discrete vape for travel

18650 compatible – Flowermate V5 Nano & Flowermate Slick

Glass mouthpieces return – beginning to notice a trend here? We like the Flowermate V5 Nano and Flowermate Slick for the same reasons outlined above. Easy to clean, simple to disassemble, and mostly resemble a regular vape. Little do they know!

We give the Flowermate V5 Nano an upper hand here as the mouthpiece is able to hide away into the body, making it appear even like a power bank when not in use! A perfect travel buddy and pocket companion, the V5 nano takes our pick for a vaporizer that doesn’t look like one when not in use.

Both of the units use an 18650 battery which is attractive to those who are keen on easily-swapped batteries. It’s worth mentioning though that the Arizer Go and Air 2 also have removable 18650 batteries, but at a higher price point than these two.

Flowermate Nano

Tiny size – G Pen Dash

So petite, we couldn’t leave out the G Pen Dash/Flowermate CAP from this review. While they’re a little more intricate to clean than the aforementioned devices, both of these units show their strengths in their bite-sized form factor which makes them the ideal travel vapes.

Credit to the appearance as they look more like those accursed Juul vapes that are everywhere. Able to hide away entirely in the palm and disguise itself as a juice vape? While you might not have the street cred, that doesn’t matter when you’re toking away unbeknownst to everyone.

G Pen Dash Discrete

Lowest price – Litl 1

It’s a little one, that’s for sure. The Litl 1 is a rather simple and small unit which works surprisingly well considering the price point. Cleaning up easy because of the (you guessed it) glass mouthpiece, the Litl 1 is a good introduction to vapes at a minimal investment.

If you’re in a particularly tricky situation where threat of confiscation from authority is a reality, then it’s not a bad device to consider due to its low cost – it’ll be a lot less painful on the wallet than to have a Mighty taken away.

LITL1 Portability and Discreetness

Heaviest hitting – Vivant Ambit and VleaF Go

Both of these devices are very tiny and have big power. Their heating elements are the strongest in the small vapes category, which make them enticing to people who like those heavy hits on the go. The inconspicuous flat-black aesthetic and form factor further ups their stealth rating.

However, due to the silicone and plastic on the units, they’re harder to 100% clean and remove all the odor from. As a result, they end up nearer to the bottom of the list since you’re still at risk of some smell being present.

Both the Vivant Ambit and Vivant VleaF Go hit like vapes twice their size and price, which is their biggest strength.

Vivant Portability

Smallest – Dynavap M

The literal smallest* vaporizer out there, the Dynavap is exceptionally easy to clean with isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs. Best vape to travel with? Maybe, just because it’s so small.

The asterisk is there since you’ll need a torch lighter to use it. That also makes it incredibly non-stealthy to use in public since you need to torch the Dynavap for ~15 seconds when you want to use it. For that reason, it’s at the bottom of the list, but worth a mention due to how tiny and easy to clean it is. Also, it hits like a bulldozer in relation to its size.

DynaVap M Portability Easy to Clean


Which would we pick if we had to choose the stealthiest one? Probably an Arizer Go or Utillian 620. That easily-cleaned stem, metal body, and discreet form factor is a recipe for the best travel vape. Paired with a full Purify cleaning kit and you’ll be ready for anything to come.

Avoid units which use too much plastic or silicone in their construction. Anyone who owns a Crafty+ will tell you how much the unit stinks even when it’s not in use, and how meticulous it is to clean.

No matter what, an herb vaporizer will put out some smell when in use. To those who know the scent – they’ll know right away. Convection vapes don’t smell as much as conduction vapes though and vapes certainly smell much less than smoking.

Our top tip is to carry some Zeus Grime wipes (or other alcohol wipes) and a carrying case to clean and store your vape in a moments notice.

Best Vapes to Travel With
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Best Vapes to Travel With
Our best vapes to travel with will show you our favorite stealthy and portable herb vaporizers which are easy to clean and carry!
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