Vaporizer Review: Zeus Arc GTS Hub vs Zeus Arc S Hub

Manufacturer Zeus Arsenal has stepped up their game in the portable dry herb vaporizers market with the recent release of the Zeus ARC GTS Hub and the Arc S Hub. They are both one-stop shops that have got you covered when it comes to streamlining the whole process for beginners and cannabis connoisseurs alike. There are some notable differences between the two vapes though which are important to know about. In this Zeus Arc GTS Hub vs Zeus Arc S Hub comparison, we’ll be going over the similarities and differences as well as getting into our best tips and tricks for each vape kit to make sure you get the most bang for your buck!

Zeus Hub Overview

The Zeus Arc S Hub is a simplified version of the GTS Hub in the sense that it is only compatible with Zeus ArcPods. The chamber is changed to be open style, meaning if you were to place the dry herb in the S chamber, it would not be heated well and fall deeper into the heating oven. On the other hand, the GTS + Hub can be used for dry herb products as well as pods. In each Hub kit, they included with great accessories like the Xtruder, ArcPods, and other bonus features like the AVB storage tray and pod-knocker. With the addition of a hub, these vaporizers are easily able to compete with the best portable dry herb vaporizers.

Zeus Arc GTS and Zeus Hub package with arcpods

High-Quality Zeus Vape Manufacturing

With the patent-pending Zeus ArcPods that come in both the S and GTS Hub kits, there has never been an easier way to reload dry herb vaporizer chambers. Based on our tests, they can be reused up to three times before needing to be replaced and in combination with the Xtruder grinder, loading them up to their 0.3-gram limit is as easy as a flick of the wrist. To use them simply open the mouthpiece, pop your loaded ArcPod into the chamber, and then reseal the mouthpiece again.  Goodbye messy chamber chores!

Zeus Arc S vs Zeus Arc GTS with xtruder and arcpods

ArcPods: Zeus Arc GTS Hub vs Zeus Arc S Hub

One of the key things to note about the Zeus Arc S Hub and Zeus Arc GTS Hub comparison is the massive price drop in the S Hub. At close to 100 dollars cheaper, there have been little changes to performance and quality.

Because the internal parts are very similar on the GTS and S, there is little to no difference in the vapor quality. When each vape is utilizing the handy Zeus ArcPods, they function as super portable vapes with top-tier dosing capsules for speed, cleanliness, and consistency. In other words, using ArcPods, the vapor quality is identical.

If you are somebody that likes to play around with their sessions though, the GTS would be the better option. You’ll be able to jam the chamber with more than the 0.3g allowed in pods. You’ll also be able to play around with different grinder options than the Xtruder. However, if hitting huge bowls and session customization is a deciding factor for you, the Arc GTS Hub beats the pod-only S hub.

Zeus ArcPods

Battery Life

Both dry herb vaporizers come with a 3500mAh battery that will provide the same heat-up times and charge cycles time. You can expect up to ninety minutes of use per charge from it, and with the convenient auto-off timer, both will turn off after ten minutes of inactivity. Something we have noticed though is that the Xtruder grind seems to utilize the conduction heating very well into the pod. The pulling is slightly easier with pods on both vapes. With the bottomless heating chamber on the S, the airflow is better through the xtruder packed pods. This can save you on session and pulling time marginally if that is a big deal to you.

Another thing to note though is that the GTS is compatible with the Zeus Arc Glass Spacers for chamber-reducing, meaning you’ll be able to get smaller hits or micro doses in. For medicinal users or beginners, this is helpful but also could have an effect on battery life as the smaller chambers will clear faster and allow for more sessions.

Zeus Arc GT vs GTS LED comparison

How to Clean + Cleaning Comparison

Both devices can be cleaned similar to the Zeus Arc GT in the way their mouthpieces and individual parts can be removed and cleaned individually. Using cleaning sticks and cleaning wipes, you’ll be able to give your vape a thorough cleaning. For a deeper cleaning on the heat sink and flow screens, you can choose to submerge these for thirty minutes in isopropyl alcohol with a gentle scrub and towel dry once you finish. Something to note though is that the Arc S, due to only being viable with pods, will be much easier to clean.

The paper on the Pod will absorb much of the residue that would otherwise get stuck in the mouthpiece or airpath, and you will never have to worry about dry herb debris as it will be enclosed the whole session and never have access to the vape. Still, it will be a good idea to give the mouthpiece the occasional alcohol wipe down.

Zeus Arc S vs Zeus Arc GTS opened mouthpieces

Xtruder + Hub Ease of Use: Zeus Arc GTS vs Zeus Arc S

Using the Zeus Xtruder to load ArcPods for the GTS or S is ridiculously easy. All you’ll have to do is load in some dry herb to the top after removing it from the cap. From there, load the pod onto the bottom pod holder and re-seal the bottom cap. Lift the Xtruder off the ground a smidge and begin twisting the top, as you would with a pepper grinder. After a few seconds, the bottom cap will slightly eject itself to let you know that the pod has been loaded with 0.3 grams.

As for the vaporizers themselves, they can be turned on by pressing the power button until the three blue bars have been illuminated. From there you will be able to cycle thru the three pre-set temperature settings which are adjustable thru the app/firmware. Make sure you give either the S or GTS a good shake when you want to know that battery level. This feature makes it slightly more fun and gets to use the built-in motion sensors that would otherwise only be used for the auto-off feature.

Zeus Arc S vs Zeus Arc GTS xtruder ready to use

Temperature and Firmware

As previously mentioned, there are three pre-set temperature settings displayed by the blue bars on the side of the GTS and S. Through the firmware, you will be able to adjust these through the ranges of 185 C° to 225 C° with varying auto-off timers based on the pre-set you’ve selected on the firmware. The heat-up time remains the same whether you are using the GTS or S or if you are using ArcPods or loose dry herb at an average of eighty seconds.

Zeus Arc S vs Zeus Arc GTS Chamber differences

Third Generation Upgrades

On the GTS and the S, the mouthpiece has been upgraded to provide better vapor quality. The shape of both vaporizers remains the same, clocking in a portable 87mm x 42mm x 22.5mm. However, the upgraded mouthpiece on the third-generation vapes now features a thin plastic layer on top of the silicon to reduce heat transfer and have a positive effect on vapor flavor profiles. The heat sink and vapor pathway has also been reverted back to stainless steel on the S, compared to gold on the GTS. Despite this, the vapor quality is very similar.

The heatsink has also been upgraded with a new design to allow for a better airpath. It now comes equipped with a zirconia shield cover to minimize the airpath’s contact with silicone and plastic. This might seem like a small change, but the pulls and vapor quality are noticeably better on the newer Zeus vapes compared to the older Zeus Arc GT.

Zeus Arc GT vs GTS top profile comparison
New Mouthpiece (left) vs. Old GT Mouthpiece(Right)

Sleekness / Discreetness

Both vaporizers are very well designed to be discreet and sleek for use in public. They use a matte black finish with gold lettering on the GTS and silver stainless steel on the S. To the unfamiliar, they could easily be confused with a portable battery charging house.

The Arc S has been made more affordable by swapping out the 24 Karat gold on the multipurpose magnetic pick on the bottom of the vape to stainless steel. These save you some money, no change to vapor quality. In terms of bang for your buck, the S gets the nod in this category.

Zeus Arc S vs Zeus Arc GTS portability on hand

Best ARC GTS / S Tips and Tricks

For the best vapor quality, we recommend the use of a glass bubbler or bong on both vaporizers. With a Zeus Water Pipe Adapter you’ll be able to take your vapor quality to the next level. Especially if you are using ArcPods, the pulls will be effortless, full of flavor, and cool. If you are swapping to the convenience of a Zeus Arc Hub from traditional smoking, you may like the old-school feel of a 18/14mm Curved Cooler. If you’re feeling adventurous in terms of a massive chamber and clouds from the GTS, a Universal 18mm Bubbler Curved Tip will help you to achieve YouTube worthy clouds. For the GTS as well, a good herb grinder will help you mix your sessions up.

Zeus Arc S vs Zeus Arc GTS accessories and bubblers

Conclusion: Zeus Arc GTS Hub vs Zeus Arc S Hub – Which to buy?

Both the GTS and S Zeus vaporizer have been designed with the utmost quality out of Germany. This is only reinforced by the color scheme of the Pod packages in the Hub. They are both highly portable and have amazingly easy pulls and vapor quality.

In terms of build design, the GTS and S hubs are perfectly manufactured with portability and ease of use in mind. As a one-stop shop for chamber reloading and pre-loaded sessions, you’ll be able to take your hub and vape with you on the go in one convenient spot. Whether you’d like to keep your sessions limited to the amazing ArcPods, or, have access to loose-lead dry herb capabilities on the GTS, that decision is up to you. You’ll have access to the same build, portability, clouds, battery, and heating on both vapes. The S comes in much cheaper though, but you’ll have to have a steady stream of ArcPods in the long term.

Which Zeus Arsenal vaporize and hub will you choose? Let us know in the comments or leave a question and we’ll be sure to answer!

Zeus Arc GTS Hub vs Zeus Arc S Hub
Zeus Arc GTS Hub vs Zeus Arc S Hub
The main difference between the Zeus Arc GTS Hub vs Zeus Arc S Hub is the S vaporizer's chamber is meant to only be used with the ArcPods dosing capsules.