XLUX Roffu Vaporizer Review

Should you buy the Xlux Roffu?

If you’ve been looking for an affordable and high-quality portable convection dry herb vaporizer, then the new XLUX Roffu might be the right choice for you. With full convection heating, a unique build style, and an HD screen, there are a lot of positives about the vape that could make it competitive in the best portable dry herb vapes list. It is on the pricy side of things, so it’s important to know how it compares to other devices. In this review, we’ll be going over how its convection heating, HD screen, and metallic design stack up to similar competition to help you make the right decision.

What’s in the XLUX Roffu box?

  • x1 XLUX Roffu
  • x1 Small metal grinder
  • x1 Quartz chamber
  • x1 Stainless steel chamber
  • x1 Loading Funnel
  • x1 18650 Battery
  • x1 Carrying Pouch
  • x1 Loading / Stir Tool
  • x3 Replacement Screens
  • x2 O-rings
  • x1 User Guide
  • x4 Cleaning Wipes
XLUX Roffu in the box

Xlux Roffu Key Features

  • Haptic Feedback
  • Magnetic Ceramic Cooling Chamber Mouthpiece
  • Ceramic Oven
  • Fast Heat-up Times
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • OLED Screen Display
  • Durable Aluminum Body
  • Full Convection Heating w/ On-Demand or Session Heating
  • USB-C Charging

Xlux Roffu Manufacturing Quality

Right off the bat, the metallic body and design look awesome with a high gloss sheen finish that you’ll be able to choose between turquoise and silver. With a small glass chamber, not quite like a dosing capsule, you can have two pre-loaded sessions when you’re out on the go. The magnetic cap cooling unit is also somewhat similar to the Mighty+, so the Roffu is kind of a cross between an Arizer mouthpiece and a Storz + Bickel vaporizer mouthpiece cap. The included loading tool is also really nice and is a feature that we’ve seen in other recent releases like the G Pen Elite 2. The HD screen is just the cherry-on-top in terms of looking and feeling like a quality vaporizer.

Xvape Xlux Roffu Convection Heating

With new smart heating technology, the Roffu is a true hybrid convection vape with either session or on-demand modes, as well as being dry herb and concentrate compatible. As far as temperature settings, you’ll be able to choose between a high of 428F / 220C and a low of 212F / 100C. There are two different session timers, three and six minutes which can be changed by pressing the power and up button once the vape is already on. For use in on-demand mode, you can expect a heat-up time of around 15 seconds for decent vapor production.

XLUX Roffu Heating

How big is the Xlux Roffu?

The overall size of the vape is very comparable to a Pax 3. It’ll fit very comfortably into the palm of your hand or into a pocket, and the dosing chambers are about the same size as a Storz and Bickel dosing capsule or a bit smaller than the Tinymight’s. If you’re someone who likes to keep all of their accessories in one spot, you might want to also pick up a Stashlogix Vape Case with your Roffu for easier portability.

Vapor Quality

One of the best things about the Roffu is the very powerful convection heating, and having a choice of using a stainless steel or glass chamber. In under 20 seconds, it can reach its max temperature of 428F / 220C, or go all the way down to the low of 212F / 100C. Between on-demand and session modes, we preferred sticking to session mode with the stainless steel insert that hits very much like a cigar. A style that we’ve come to like on similar vapes like the Flowermate Slick. You’ll want to be careful above 410F though, as you run the risk of combusting with the metal chamber during session modes. The glass chamber has seemed to be fine at all temperatures.

As we’ll get into more later in the review, you can choose between either the stainless steel or quartz chamber, with the glass being slightly better for flavor, and the metal one is better for overall performance.

The mouthpiece works as a cap over the chamber, with the top part of it being made of ceramic, as well as the winding zirconia airpath below it which sits above the fine metal screen on the lower half of the cooling unit.

In terms of vapor cooling, the mouthpiece doesn’t offer a whole lot, but you’ll get a whole lot of vapor production with little draw resistance. If you’ve used a Crafty+ before, then its airflow could be compared to that vaporizer – Easy while still producing a lot of clouds.

XLux Roffu Swappable 186650 Battery

One of the plusses about the XLUX Roffu is the 2600mAh swappable battery that comes equipped with USB-C charging. You’ll be able to get close to an hour of use with session modes, or about ten six-minute sessions at the 400F mark. Charging will take about the same amount of time as its lifetime, around 70 minutes from our experiences. During charging, the flashing portion of the battery icon is the remaining uncharged %, so you’ll know when it’s done charging as it stops flashing completely and is a solid image.

Since it’s a swappable 18650, you’ll either be able to change out the battery when it dies or use an external charger. Having these options really helps to boost the vape’s portability and versatility.

XLUX Roffu Vaporizer Comparisons

As a mid-tier vaporizer with some unique features, some of the direct competition to the Rofffu would be the Arizer Air Max, the G Pen Elite II, and the XMAX V3 Pro. All three of these vapes feature some sort of convection heating, and the Elite 2 and Air Max also feature an HD screen and user interface somewhat similar to the Roffu.

XLUX Roffu vs G Pen Elite II

One of the key main differences between these two vapes is the session and on-demand modes of the Roffu vs. the toggled draw-activated convection boost on the G Pen Elite 2. With the convection boost, you’ll be able to get more vapor production quickly that will be more optimized for micro dosing, just like the Roffu’s on-demand mode. With a better-designed chamber than the Roffu, you won’t need to use an included funnel from the kit, as your dry herb falls into the right place. The mouthpiece cap designs are similar though, as there is a spiral cooling zirconia air path on both vapes. The Roffu uses an anodized aluminum body and ceramic mouthpiece whereas the Elite 2 uses zinc and a zirconia mouthpiece. Overall, you’ll get much better vapor production due to the hybrid oven on the Elite 2, but the Roffu’s swappable battery beats it in that category.

XLUX Roffu vs Arizer Air Max

With the brand new 2022 release of the Arizer Air Max, the 3rd generation Arizer has been upgraded to a 26650 battery that will provide 2 hours and 20 minutes of use, while remaining swappable. This is a huge step up from the hour to an hour and a half on the Air 2. On the XLUX Roffu, the standard 18650 battery will last you about an hour to an hour and a half of use, but it is swappable. Overall, the hybrid heating, powerful battery, and better airflow of the newly upgraded ceramic chamber make the Air Max the better purchase for connoisseurs looking for the best experience.

XLUX Roffu vs Arizer Air Max

XLUX Roffu vs XMAX V3 Pro

In many senses, the XMAX V3 Pro has all of the great features included on the Roffu for a fraction of the cost. As a true budget vaporizer, you’ll be able to get it for around 100$ instead of 200$ for the Roffu. You’ll still be able to choose between having a session or on-demand mode with excellent full convection heating. If spending the extra money for a metal body and ceramic cooling path seems like it’s a worthy upgrade, go for it.

XLUX Roffu vs XMAX v3 Pro

How to use the XVape Roffu?

To use the XLUX Rufffo, you’ll first start by turning the vape on by pressing the power button five times. By default, it will automatically begin heating to your last set temperature. By holding the up and down arrows at the same time, you’ll activate the on-demand mode so that the vape will only heat up when you’re holding the power button down. To turn the vape off to finish a session, just press the power button five times in a row.

Other button combinations are:

-Pressing the power and down button will switch it to Celsius mode
-Pressing the power button twice will let you know how many puffs you’ve had

For loading your selected chamber, you can start by removing the ceramic mouthpiece cap, and then either choosing the stainless steel stem or the glass stem chamber to load your herb into. Since it’s a bit awkward to load, the manual recommends using the included funnel to help you get all of your dry herbs into it accurately. Once your 0.2g is loaded in, give it a good stamp down, just like you would on your Arizer Solo 2.

After your six-minute session finishes, your AVB will be well-cooked and you can wait until the bowl cools down to load in the other type, or just knock out the ABV and reload it. Since it’ll be hot, it’s not ideal since you’ll have to bring out the funnel again. A vape like the Mighty+ might be a better choice for you if this might be an issue for you. As we went over earlier, just know that using the metal chamber above 400F will lead to very dark ABV from session modes.

Best XVape Roffu Tips and Tricks

Between the two included chamber options, the stainless steel will be quicker to heat and will stay warmer in between hits when compared to the glass chamber. The glass one will offer a slightly better terpene profile, though.

I personally haven’t tried this out just yet, but I am thinking about how in theory you should be able to bend a solo 2 screen onto the top of one of your packed chambers without the cap, and then fit a silicone whip like the one from a 14mm whip bubbler onto it, which will then run through your favorite bong piece. I’m sure that XVape will release more accessories in the future but for now, this is a trick for connoisseurs that you might be able to use.

Lastly, Jerry Stickstones has found that if you’re finding that you want a little better tasting vapor, you can also push the screen further to one end of the chambers, so that your herb is sitting further from the heating elements.

How to clean the Xlux Roffu?

The main elements on the Ruffo to keep clean will be the stainless steel filter, your used chamber, as well as any resin buildup in the ceramic mouthpiece cap. The only part that you shouldn’t submerge in isopropyl alcohol is the rubber cap under the ceramic cap that holds the ceramic spiral in place. Everything else you can soak for 30 minutes before a hot water rinse and gentle scrub to get rid of any pesky resin buildups that didn’t come off easily.

One thing to note is that the glass chamber especially will become super dirty and browned with usage on high temperatures. If this bugs you, and you don’t want to constantly have to clean it off with vape cleaning wipes, you may just want to stick to the stainless steel chamber. For the upper screen in the cooling unit, it’ll be a good idea to use a vape cleaning Q-tip, as it can be a real hassle to remove for soaking.

XVape Xlux Roffu Vaporizer Review Conclusion

In conclusion, this is a pure convection dry herb vape that sports a unique design and nifty features such as session and on-demand modes. While it’s super hard-hitting, the anodized aluminum body and ceramic mouthpiece cap don’t overall offer much more vapor quality for the price increase over its sister device, the XMAX v3 Pro. Despite all its nice features and accessories, the Ruffo is ultimately beaten out by similarly priced hybrid competitors like the Arizer Air Max, and the TinyMight as well, in terms of overall vapor quality. Regardless, this is a high-quality convection unit that is sure to please cloud chasers if that is your preferred style! As the price drops from the initial release, it will be much more competitive in my opinion.

XLUX Roffu Vaporizer Review
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XLUX Roffu Vaporizer Review
The new XVape Xlux Roffu full convection portable dry herb vaporizer. In this review, we go over the key features to give you the best info.
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