Month: October 2020

What’s the best weed grinder around?

So you want to get a grinder which is a bit better than your generic $10 grinder with a pot leaf on it from your local headshop? Look no further than this list where we’ve compiled some of the best grinders you can find! Designed to cut, chop, and slice herb 5 years down the road with the same performance as day 1, we go over the best weed grinders around.

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Tronian Nutron Vaporizer Review

Tronian has been releasing many budget-friendly portable oil vapes lately. The new Nutron is akin to other oil pen vapes on the market with a few nice little features tucked inside. Check out what we say about it in our Tronian Nutron review!

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DynaVap HydraVonG Vaporizer Review

One of Dynavaps newest introductions to the scene, the DynaVap HydraVong, is the successor to the much loved Dynavap Nonavong. How big of an upgrade is it, and is it worth getting if you already have a different Dynavap? Check out what we say about it in our Dynavap Hydravong review here!

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Mighty vs Crafty+ Vaporizer Comparison

We’ve reviewed both the new Crafty+ and Mighty vaporizer before and have come away pretty impressed overall. Storz & Bickel makes a solid product and have the love and a cult following from thousands of people. We compare their two most powerful portable dry herb vapes, the new Crafty+ vs the Mighty. Check out what we have to say about the Mighty vs Crafty+ battle and which one comes out on top!

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