DynaVap Omni 2021 Review

Should you buy the 2021 DynaVap Omni?

If you’ve been loving your DynaVap M, and have been thinking about an upgrade, you may have come across the DynaVap Omni 2021. With an upgraded titanium body and possible vapor quality, is it worth the upgrade? In this review, we’ll be going over these key features and more to help you decide if this is the right vape for you.

dynavap omni body

What’s in the DynaVap Omni box?

  • x1 DynaVap Omni Vaporizer
  • x1 Storage Tube and Stand

DynaVap Omni Key Features

  • Top of the line vapor quality
  • Smoother Draws
  • Superior manufacturing quality
  • Smoother 10mm mouthpiece

DynaVap Omni Heating System

Like your DynaVap M, the Omni will be able get heated up past 350F / 177C before your first click with either a butane torch or induction heater. During heating, you’ll grab the Omni’s narrow section in the middle of the body with one hand, and then heat the cap with the other while you twirl. For beginners, it will be a bit easier to heat the bottom of the cap for a slower but more even roast of your dry herb, while veterans will opt for the very end of the cap for faster heating and bigger clouds.

As a manually heated vaporizer, there is no way of knowing the specific temperature in the chamber. Some medicinal users are also going to be turned off of the idea since it can be a little hard to control your torch and the vape at the same time. Since most people prefer a dual-flame butane torch for fast hits, you also won’t be able to get discreet sessions while out in public.

As with all of the DynaVap vaporizer lineup, you’re going to combust your chamber while you get the hang of using the butane torch correctly. A sold separately induction heater is a much easier option, as all you’ll need to do is dunk the cap into a hole for a few seconds for a perfect heat every time, but this will cost you around 150$ for an entry-level one.

dynavap omni parts

DynaCoil for Concentrates in the Omni

While the DynaVap Omni specializes in dry herb, you’ll be able to vape your favorite concentrates by either using the sandwich method, or by using a sold separately DynaCoil.

For the sandwich method, all you’ll need to do is place your dab between a small clump of dry herb, and then heat as normal as your dab melts into the flower and is vaped as normal.

For the DynaCoil, it works as a mesh that will help catch your dab and better distribute the heat to it. To use your DynaCoil for concentrates, you’ll first start by removing the original filter screen, and then jam the coil into the chamber. Place your dab onto the edge of the top of the coil, and then place your cap back onto the chamber like you would for normal use. From there hold your Omni upright at a slight angle while rotating it so that the dab melts into as much of the mesh as possible.

You’ll also be able to use your favorite dry herbs and concentrates in the VapCap by either placing a small dab onto your ground loose flower or by using cotton to act as a filter so the body of your vape doesn’t become too clogged, especially when using hash.


Is the DynaVap Omni portable?

The Omni is slightly larger than you’ll be used to on the M, but the chamber sizes remain the same. With the same ‘adjustabowl’ feature, you can move the filter screen to either the larger size of 0.1g, or the small (closer) notch which will shrink the bowl size to around 0.05g, perfect for microdosing.

I actually prefer the slightly larger body as it feels more like a joint in the hand. It weighs noticeably more than the M model because of the titanium design. As there are now only two O-rings compared to the standard three, everything does feels and looks slightly better than on the M model. There are no more exposed O-rings, and the tip / condenser move into place just as snug as on older designs.

Something that will help you with portability will be the DynaStash (XL size). With the case being made specifically for DynaVap, you’ll have a compartment for your bud, your vape, as well as a magnet on the wooden body. When the time comes, all you’ll need to do is twist the cap to get your vape, smoosh the chamber into the bud section, and then rest it on the magnet in between hits as it cools down. Place that inside a Lockable Stashlogix Vape Case, and you’ll be able to bring all of your favorite DynaVap accessories like a bong adapter and bubbler with you on the go for a huge boost to overall portability.

dynavap omni portability

How’s the DynaVap Omni Vapor Quality?

With its design upgrade, there are now nine heat dissipating fins on the end of the stem. With the more surface area, there is a lot more vapor cooling as your vapor begins to move out of the cap so that it will be cooler by the time that it gets to the mouthpiece. As these grooves are more profound, you’ll also have a more secure captive cap when it’s on.

Compared to the chiral airports on the DynaVap M, the new Omni goes for more of an embedded design that is better opted for one thumb to cover them. There are rectangular and right beside each other, and during hits, it does feel more almost like a combustion pipe in the hand. On the original Omni XL, there was a single air port, and there was no ergonomic curve for your thumb to rest on. Where the airports are, you can still choose to rock the body of the vape back and forth to create some turbulence in the airflow which will help to cool your vapor as the airpath is disrupted.

For additional airflow control, you can choose to also just twist the mouthpiece clockwise (more airflow), or counterclockwise for less airflow. There are marks on the base of the mouthpiece that will help you to know what the current air flow is. Even if you have it completely shut and are covering the airports, you’ll still have some airflow from some small indents on the end of the chamber to help let some air in even if the cap is on tight.

In general, titanium is better at heating up faster, but will also cool faster. In my opinion, you can notice the small difference that the rapid cooling material makes during two-heated caps as the vapor builds in the condenser before you inhale.

To wrap this section up, most people will find little to no vapor quality difference between this unit and the M 2021, it just offers a bit more sessions creativity and flashy exterior that is a bit more eye pleasing to DynaVap vaporizer connoisseurs.

Best DynaVap Omni Tips and Tricks

As always, we recommend picking up a DynaVap fat mouthpiece or DynaVap Bong Adapter along with the 14mm whip bubbler for extra fun sessions.

How to clean the DynaVap Omni?

The only real thing to keep clean on the Omni is the VapCap and chamber, both of which can be cleaned easily with a vape cleaning stick when you begin to notice a residue buildup. For a deeper clean for heavy users, once a month you can disassemble your Omni and place everything besides the O-rings in some Orange Chronic Pipe Cleaner. Just give everything a quick shake in a plastic baggy for a minute before rinsing it off, drying, and reassembling.

DynaVap Omni Warranty

There is no warranty with the DynaVap omni since there are no real parts that will degrade with time other than the O-rings, which you can easily replace. Some people have reported that prolonged soaking of the cap in isopropyl alcohol can

DynaVap Omni 2021 Pros and Cons


+ Very portable design
+ Sleek and stylish design
+ Lots of session customization
+ Battery free vaporizer
+ Adjustable bowl size


– Temperature guesswork
– Prince increase compared to the M model

Is the Omni worth upgrading to?

On the body of the vape, the design is super indented so that light reflect off it quite a bit. The rest of the vape is equally angular that is quite eye pleasing. If you’ve been loving your DynaVap M and want a bit more sessions creativity in a very angular design without minding the price jump, then go for it.

If you’re a first-time DynaVap user just looking to experiment and get into them, I would definitely suggest sticking to just the DynaVap M 2021 until you’ve gathered enough experience to make the leap towards the significant investment of the Omni. If you’ve been loving your M or DynaVong and are looking to add to your collection, then the Omni might be a great upgrade for you.

DynaVap Omni Review
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DynaVap Omni Review
In this review, we go over the 2021 DynaVap Omni. Is it worth buying as an upgrade over the M?
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