Dry Herb Vaporizer Flavors

As dry herb vaporizers have improved with modern upgrades like USB-C charging, swappable batteries, HD screens & more, a lot of the vaporizer comparisons have come down to the pure flavor that the vapes provide. Among the things that affect this are an isolated air path, materials used in the mouthpiece, as well as the chamber and heating style that they use. In this best vaporizers for flavor blog, we’ll be recommending our top picks to help you choose the right device based on your unique preferences by giving in-depth information about the qualities that help to propel their flavor.

G Pen Elite 2

Coming in as a new dry herb vaporizer in 2022 full of flavor is the G Pen Elite 2. It offers a unique choice of offering pure conduction heating, or a selectable convection boost which will open the vents to jet hot air through the chamber. With an isolated air path and 0.4g ceramic oven and zirconia mouthpiece, this is an absolute flavor machine that can also cook up big clouds at higher temperatures. On lower temperatures below 370F / 188C, the Elite offers some of the best flavor on the market as you’ll be able to get a nice mixture of your loose flower’s terpenes combined with a nice roast. With the optional convection boost, you’ll also be able to tweak the sessions as you’d like to find the best settings for yourself. The only real downside is that there aren’t any real accessories for that vaporizer and using it with a bubbler takes a bit of effort, as you can read about in our G Pen Elite 2 Review. Overall, with other great features like USB-C charging, an HD screen, and a super sleek design, keep an eye out on this vape as it takes over the market in the upcoming years. With a super-pure air path and inert zirconia mouthpiece, you can be sure that you’re only getting good hits of your terps with this device!

G Pen Elite 2

Arizer Air Max

As the newest vaporizer released on this list, the Arizer Air MAX offers very powerful vapor thanks to its improved hybrid heating system over older models. As a hybrid device, the Air Max works by heating the stainless steel oven for conduction heating and then running hot air through air holes into the chamber to also extract your THC. The ceramic heating element which heats the oven and air intake has been improved and is slightly larger than older models. Because of this, the heating time has been brought down to under sixty seconds from up to two minutes on the Air 2 model. With the same isolated air path and glass mouthpiece, you can rest assured with this vape that you’re only getting a pure hit of your roasted loose flower. The only real thing to further improve the flavor you could do is to use a 110mm Arizer Glass stem instead of the included 70mm or water pipe adapter. This will provide even more surface area for the vapor to cool off with. Overall, this is a super easy-to-use and understand dry herb vaporizer that offers a great inhale of evenly roasted flower every single time. If you’d like to know more, be sure to check out our Arizer Air Max Review.

Arizer Air Max with included accessories and screens

Arizer Solo 2

The Solo 2 uses the same type of heating as the Arizer Air Max but uses a less powerful heater which some members of the community have dubbed as a ‘sipper’, not a ‘ripper’. It definitely doesn’t clear bowls as fast as the other vapes on this list, as sessions can take as much as ten minutes. For medicinal users looking for a laid-back experience where they feel like they’re not rushing to finish their session, the Solo 2 will really help. With the same isolated air path as the Air 2 and Air Max, you won’t have to worry about metallic aftertaste from the air passing over electronics and the included 110mm mouthpiece adds the best standard mouthpiece cooling for a portable dry herb vaporizer. With other great features like a three-hour proprietary battery and an affordable price that has dropped over the years, the Solo 2 has been a steady top pick for flavor chasers since its release in 2018.

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer front profile with Cannabolish Candel and Spray Bottle, Cali Crusher grinder and Tools420 Grinder

Crafty+ Vaporizer

As the younger brother of the Mighty Plus, the Crafty Plus offers some of the best flavor quality on the market. With a ceramic chamber, cooling mouthpiece, and isolated air path, the THC extraction is next level compared to other mid-tier devices. While the only real knock on the vape is easy temperature control and a plastic mouthpiece, this vape has the ability to seriously roast your herbs evenly in a short amount of time. If you can get past the limited battery life and learning curve, Crafty Plus enthusiasts have nothing but positive things to say, especially when it comes to vapor quality. One of the best things is the wide array of accessories that you’ll be able to choose from including things like the Crafty Long Bubbler or Crafty WPA which work by just screwing into a place of the normal cooling unit mouthpiece. They’ll give you a lot of options to customize your sessions and can provide an additional layer of cooling for those that prefer to vape at a higher temperature.

Storz & Bickle Crafty+ front profile with mouth piece extended

Zeus Arc S Hub

As the more affordable version of the GTS Hub, the S Hub is the third generation vaporizer of the Zeus Arc lineup. doing away with the included metal pick on the bottom of the vape, it’s made to only be used with their line of dosing capsules, known as Zeus Arc Pods. In the 200$ kit though, you’ll receive 15 aluminum dosing capsules, as well as 45 paper lids for them. All you’ll need to do is scoop up your ground herb and then place a paper lid to keep your flower from leaking or possibly blocking the airflow on the mouthpiece filter. While we don’t exactly like the paper lid design as they are only good for three uses, and the airflow is a bit tight, you’re almost guaranteed to get a wicked high from inhales that will be full of flavorful no matter which of the three pre-set temperatures you have set. The Hub itself also provides you with a convenient spot for you to place all of your accessories and dosing capsules. For water piece fans, you might also consider picking up a Zeus Water Pipe Adapter so that you can use 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm bongs to add an extra layer of vapor cooling.

zeus arc s hand comparison

Arizer XQ2

As the only desktop vaporizer on this list, the Arizer XQ2 gives you the choice of hitting either a filled balloon or through a silicone whip. With an improved convection heating element, you’ll be more quickly able to fill balloons, and as another bonus feature, you’ll now be able to cap them as well to save for later use. The lighting system which helps to display information alongside the remote control and LED screen is awesome, and you’ll have a wide array of glass accessories to choose from. Filling the balloon at a low temperature with the fan set to low is going to give you a bag that will be full of 100% terpenes that will taste great and give you an awesome flavor. While the XQ2 obviously doesn’t compare to the Volcano Hybrid for vapor quality, its $250 price tag is much more accessible than the $700 price tag of the Volcano. Overall, this is a great desktop vape that is fun to use and gives you a lot of value for its cost that will not leave you disappointed.

Arizer XQ2 Kit

DynaVap M

As the most budget-friendly vaporizer on this list, the DynaVap M is a battery-free vaporizer that will work with the help of a butane torch or induction heater to heat the 0.2g chamber. With a full stainless steel body, the vapor path is probably the cleanest and most pure on the market, and people worried about microplastics won’t have to worry at all. Simply heat the DynaVap Captive Cap (chamber lid) until you hear the first click at 350F / 177C. You’ll be able to get 2-3 big and flavorful hits of almost pure flavorful and roasted terpenes from your loose flower as long as you don’t accidentally combust the chamber. On that note, there is a bit of a learning curve to routinely heat the chamber well, but the effort is worth it in the end. If you want to learn more, be sure to check out our DynaVap Review.

dynavap and tools420 grinder

Dry herb vaporizer flavors

If you’re a dry herb vape flavor chaser that doesn’t mind running their temperature a little lower than most around the 360°F/182°C mark, you’re going to love the vapes that we’ve listed. All of them feature an isolated air path and high manufacturing quality to ensure that you’ll be getting the most out of your terpenes and with all of them besides the Elite 2, you’ll be able to fully customize your sessions with vape bubblers and bong adapters. Thanks for reading & be sure to check out our vapes with the biggest clouds list!


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